Nathaniel Frank Responds to the “Manhattan Declaration”

Nathaniel Frank, author of Unfriendly Fire, has written the best response I’ve seen to the hateful, angst-ridden screed known as the Manhattan Declaration, which Bruce

November 25, 2009 Blog

PFOX Bears False Witness About ‘Attack’ on Boston Church

In more than twenty years of activism, I can honestly say that the anti-gay organization, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX), is by far the

November 25, 2009 Blog

Like Christians…But Without All That Blessed Are The Poor Stuff…

Michael Jones over at Change.Org has a post up wondering if same-sex marriage will be the next thing Catholic Bishops will start threatening to deny

November 24, 2009 Blog

Star Parker: “Here, have some word salad! I made it!”

So, I’m perusing the wingnutty wares at ClownHall, and what do I find? I find Star Parker, anti-gay “writer” and “thinker,” tossing up a veritable

November 24, 2009 Blog

The Manhattan Declaration: In A Culture Of Death, Marriage Cannot Be About Love.

H.L Mencken’s observation that theology is an attempt to explain the unknowable in the terms of the not worth knowing kept coming back to me

November 23, 2009 Blog

Judge Rules against Custody for ‘Ex-Gay’ Mom

A Rutland, Vermont, Family Court judge ruled Friday that “ex-gay” activist Lisa Miller, who absconded with her daughter Isabella in 2004 and violated numerous visitation

November 23, 2009 Blog

Reports of Violent Hate Crimes Trending Upward

The FBI said Monday that reports of antigay hate crimes rose 11 percent from 2007 to 2008. The FBI survey defines a hate crime as

November 23, 2009 Blog

Focus on the Family Says N.Y. Voters, Not God, Should Define Marriage

A New York appeals court ruled last week that legislators must allow same-sex couples residing in New York, that have been married in other states,

November 23, 2009 Blog

Focus on the Family Cheers Latest Sex-Obsessed Church Schism

Obsessed with sex and disinterested in the Gospels, a conservative Lutheran faction misnamed the “Lutheran Coalition for Renewal” (CORE) is encouraging schism from the Evangelical

November 23, 2009 Blog

The New GLBT Pope Problem

(Weekly Column) It is time to admit that the gay community has a gigantic Pope problem. Under the leadership of Benedict XVI, the Vatican has

November 23, 2009 Blog, Opinion
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