U.S. Evangelicals’ Inaction Ensures Uganda Hate Bill’s Passage

Reuters (via Rod McCullom) reports that Uganda‘s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is likely to pass with only minor changes. While the death penalty may be reduced to

December 03, 2009 Blog

Exodus Web Site Says ‘Human Rights’ Don’t Apply to Gay People

A document on Exodus International’s web site has, since 1996, rejected the notion that the world’s homosexual or LGBT people are entitled to human rights.

December 03, 2009 Blog

VIDEO: U.S. Ex-Gays Have No Regrets for Launching Uganda Antigay Genocide Campaign

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has managed to elicit statements from the three U.S. ex-gay activists who, in March 2009, keynoted the conference which launched Uganda’s current

December 03, 2009 Blog

Evangelicals Fight U.S. Ex-Gay Proxy War from Africa

Britain’s Church Times explains that U.S. Christian Rightists are using African clergy as proxies to fight a U.S. domestic culture war against American religious and

December 02, 2009 Blog

U.S. Ex-Gays, Evangelicals Act as Foil for Uganda’s Corrupt Government

Uganda’s Daily Monitor explains today why Uganda is waging war against minorities instead of corruption. The other business which has occupied public space is the

December 02, 2009 Blog

When Did Exodus International Know That It Was Affirming Genocide in Uganda?

Over at Ex-Gay Watch, ex-gay movement critic Patrick Fitzgerald provides the following reverse chronology for Exodus’ activity in Uganda. Alan Chambers, November 17th 2009: “Until

December 02, 2009 Blog

VIDEO: Jeff Sharlet Details U.S. ‘Christian’ Support for Uganda’s Antigay Genocide

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and journalist Jeff Sharlet on Monday discussed Uganda’s “Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” which would execute sexually active LGBT and HIV-positive Ugandans and imprison,

December 02, 2009 Blog

Twittering Past The Graveyard…

Via Atrios… Rick Warren is apparently getting a tad miffed at all this attention his indifferent response to Uganda’s proposed kill-the-gays law is getting. Wonkette

December 01, 2009 Blog

Stop Antigay and ‘Ex-Gay’ Federal Aid: Ask Congress for Accountability

Do you know who is spending your tax dollars in Uganda? No? Neither do a number of organizations that have sued the State Department for

December 01, 2009 Blog

Protect Marriage from the Divorcees of Focus on the Family

Huffington Post pointed out today that Focus on the Family’s California affiliate, the California Family Council, opposes efforts in that state to protect marriage. While

November 30, 2009 Blog
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