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Attend an American Prayer Hour Event….Or, Host an APH event in your hometown. Learn More Here Dear Friend: We are about to embark on a

January 25, 2010 Blog, Press Release

Our Lazy Foes Are In Hibernation

Apparently, “ex-gay” activists don’t like to work very much. Since the temperature dropped below 50 degrees, Exodus International’s staff has noticeably gone into hibernation. Consider

January 25, 2010 Blog

The Pope Would Like All You Priests To Get Tumblrs, Please

Seriously, that’s what he said. “All you priests, please get on the computer box machine and do the blog writing that’s so popular with the

January 25, 2010 Blog

Why We Will Ultimately Win

Teddy Partridge has been faithfully liveblogging the Prop 8 trial for FireDogLake, and tonight he posted this, on the eve of another week of proceedings:

January 25, 2010 Blog

What If Pat Robertson Was Right About Haiti?

Because if he was, then haven’t there been a lot of natural disasters, and aren’t you curious what prompted God to go all Old Testament

January 24, 2010 Blog

A Missive From the “Gay Thought Police” (UPDATED)

You see, according to some people, gays who don’t support politicians who are anti-gay, and say so publicly, are the “gay thought police.” Because, you

January 23, 2010 Blog

Having Affirmed Kidnapping, Liberty Counsel Covers Its Tracks

The Only One Mommy Facebook group was created by Liberty Counsel attorney Rena Lindevaldsen and ex-gay activist Debbie Thurman to affirm the illegal activities of

January 23, 2010 Blog

The Family Research Council is Push Polling Against Healthcare

What is it with these people? What part of “Christian organization” do they not understand? Why are they so pigheaded-ly beholden to the Republican party

January 23, 2010 Blog

The Religious Right Is So Weird

I know, what a general post title. But I just can’t muster anything more interesting about the fact that that a “Terri Schiavo memorial concert”

January 23, 2010 Blog

There is No Tea Party – It is Really the Great Tea Purge of Republican Moderates

The more I read about the Tea Party, the more it becomes vividly clear that this is nothing more than a Great Tea Purge of

January 23, 2010 Blog, Opinion
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