Paul Cameron Reappears to Warn of Dangers of Gay Military Rapists (Or Something)

Forever banished to obscurity by all credible mental health organizations, Paul Cameron still manages to pop up now and then. He did a phone interview

February 12, 2010 Blog

Ugandan Government Meets With Gay Activists; Kenyan Same-Sex Marriage Horror

Earlier this week, with the help of activist Wendy Leigh, I set up a New York Times interview with Andrew Wasswa. He is a gay

February 12, 2010 Blog

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy [sic] in Media Doubles Down on Support for Ugandan Anti-Gay Genocide Bill

Cliff Kincaid is a peach. Really. He’s one of the only Radical Christian Imams who is honest about the fact that he wants gay people

February 12, 2010 Blog

Why I Loathe The Term ‘Same-Sex Attraction’ (SSA)

In a post yesterday, I wrote the following: Personally, I don’t like the bogus term “SSA”, which stands for “same-sex attraction.” There is no such

February 12, 2010 Blog, Opinion

Sign Petition to Withdraw Uganda’s Genocide Bill

Uganda’ parliament is preparing to pass a brutal new law that would punish gay people with prison — even death. Initial international criticism drove the

February 12, 2010 Blog

Kitty Lambert’s Wedding

A lesbian in New York goes to get a marriage license with her longtime partner, on camera. Of course, she is denied. To prove her

February 11, 2010 Blog

New Gay Study Will Make Anti-Gay Activists Cry Uncle

A new study found that gay men may be predisposed to nurture their nieces and nephews as a way of helping to ensure their own

February 11, 2010 Blog, Press Release

Traditional Values Coalition (Still) Unhinged Over Reality of Transgender People

In a piece protesting the fact that the U.S. Tax Court ruled that a transgender woman may deduct the cost of her sexual reassignment surgery

February 11, 2010 Blog

Interview with Matthew David: Sexy, Smart and On The Verge Of Stardom

Matthew David ‚Äî Canada’ Newest Sensation. Breakthrough Artist to be the face and voice of the 2010 Winter Olympics Questions from Truth Wins Out Matthew,

February 11, 2010 Blog

How The Game Is Played…

Remember that New York Times article a few days ago on that study that showed that half or more of all same-sex marriages were “open”?

February 11, 2010 Blog
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