With all the bizarre and disturbing Trump news, it’s easy to lose sight of the rest of the destructive GOP agenda.

This is a party that is actually willing to have more than 24 million people lose health insurance so millionaires can gain $50,000 tax-cuts.

Idaho Congressman, Raul Labrador, embodied Republican attitudes when he clamed at a Town Hall:

“Nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.”

If that’s the case, why so many people have it? Maybe Labrador thinks people pay these expensive fees to health insurance companies each month because they enjoy it and don’t need the money.

This week, USA Today reported on another cruel consequence our healthcare system: Children.

The Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program, also known as CHIP, provides healthcare for

• 40% of all children under age 6.
• Nearly 80% of children living near poverty
• 43% of children with disabilities and special needs
• Nearly half of all births and newborn care

Republicans love to claim they care about children. They say they are pro-life. They call themselves party of Family Values.

But according to USA Today, “The nearly $1 trillion in federal cuts House Republicans have proposed to the Medicaid program threaten the success of getting poor and some middle class children covered by insurance.”

House Republicans might also hold children hostage by threatening to not to reauthorize the CHIP program, unless the Senate passes the atrocious American Health Care Act, which was rammed through in the House.

One would think that Republicans would support Medicaid, considering their calls for self-sufficiency. Children who were eligible for Medicaid live longer and are more likely to go to college.

But, a tax cut for the rich man always takes precedence over opportunity for kids who come from poor families.

Our healthcare system is broken – and like much in this country – it is due to conservative greed. One expert describes the healthcare funding process in Washington for youth this way:

“Children don’t vote and are not politically organized, so it’s not as easy to defend their interests in the political process as it is for senior citizens.”

That is unconscionable. In the richest and most powerful nation in world history we’ve reduced children to a mere “Special Interest” who need lobbyists if they hope to not get shortchanged with healthcare funding.

I hope right wing Republicans will remember this abomination the next time the declare us a “Christian Nation.” But they are probably too busy gay bashing in the name of “Religious Liberty” to notice sick and suffering children.

One of the most vomit-worthy parts of our disgraceful and barbaric sham of a healthcare charade is when we demand parents become beggars to assist or save their children.

USA Today told the story of Jaycee and Christian Garcia of Maryland. Their child, CJ, suffers from Eagle Barrett Syndrome and severe scoliosis. CJ has had 31 surgeries.

To pay the medical bills, the Garcias were forced to pawn their wedding rings and hold fundraisers to pay off their exorbitant medical debt. They wrote on Facebook:

“I am tired of explaining why we need help or why we can’t hold another fundraiser or why I am ashamed to do so in the first place. Sympathy and empathy should not have to be solicited, nor should a right to live.”

Yeah, tell that to Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republicans who apparently believe that parents should have to set up lemonade stands to keep their children alive.

A civilized nation of moral people would not ask this of its citizens.

The article ends by quoting Samantha Bailey – who worries how she will pay for her 19-month old son’s heart transplant – if he’s lucky enough to get one.

She asks the key question: “What price do you put on a human being?”

Thanks to the House Republicans we can actually answer that question. It’s the cost of a tax cut to millionaires and billionaires at the expense of those who need health insurance – including children.

It’s time America grows up and joins the rest of the world by offering universal health care. Unless, of course, you prefer the current method of begging or opening lemonade stands or cookie bakes to keep children alive.