There is so much to be grateful for on this special Thanksgiving Day. One thing I WON’T be thankful for, however, is the cynical reboot and rebrand of the failed “ex-gay” industry in 2019. The insidious Family Research Council is back – helping direct the new “Changed” movement, Freedom Marches and lobbying of Congress to promote the despicable and dangerous “pray away the gay” message.

But there is GOOD NEWS. Truth Wins Out has defeated this ugly menace, which terrorizes LGBT youth, once before. All the “ex-gay” groups that we used to fight against — including JONAH, Exodus, NARTH and Love Won Out – were shut down. We promise to work tirelessly to expose and shutter this new batch of frauds – but we need your HELP today to do so.

Truth Wins Out was fighting and succeeding in the trenches when NO OTHER organization would touch this issue and when no other organization was on this bandwagon. We have succeeded before it was fashionable and will do so again – if we have the proper resources. Our track record and dedication to fighting these charlatans is long-standing and unsurpassed.

Please consider a tax-deductible Thanksgiving donation to Truth Wins Out today to help us with our crucial, life-saving work. With your generosity, we have accomplished many great things in 2019.

  • TWO successfully campaigned to have Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google delete an “ex-gay” app from their online stores.
  • TWO broke the story of “ex-gay” LDS conversion therapist, David Matheson, coming out of the closet.
  • TWO led the way in providing a video platform for former “ex-gay” leaders to apologize and warn that “ex-gay” programs are destructive and ineffective
  • TWO interviewed Orlando City Commissioner and “ex-gay” survivor Patty Sheehan to counter the “ex-gay” Freedom March in Orlando. We also spoke out against an “ex-gay” lobbying event on Capitol Hill
  • TWO was on the ground to fight against (and videotape) the Keep America Straight Again hate event
  • TWO told the moving stories of “ex-gay” survivors such as Gene Stone
  • TWO spoke out against Brunei’s proposed anti-LGBT law that would have imposed the death penalty
  • TWO took on the Philadelphia Archdiocese over a dangerous “ex-gay” conference
  • TWO’s Wayne Besen spoke at All Souls Church in Kansas City. Please listen to the talk about the history of the “ex-gay” myth

Truth Wins Out is personally asking you for a Thanksgiving contribution now, to help us get a jump-start on the exciting year ahead. Please help us do the important work necessary to put the new crop of “ex-gay” conversion groups out of business – just as we had successfully done to the now defunct groups of the past.

Please be generous in this season of giving to help Truth Wins Out carry out its important, life-saving work.

Happy Holidays,

Wayne Besen
Executive Director
Truth Wins Out