Jon Bozeman is a survivor of “ex-gay” conversion therapy. Growing up in Georgia he was told that being gay was not acceptable, nor compatible with his church’s beliefs. With the goal of being loved and accepted, he entered a “pray away the gay” conversion therapy ministry in college. What he found was a mentally abusive program that browbeat him with guilt and shame. The ministry demanded that he blame his parents for his sexual orientation, which created a deep wedge between them, damaging the relationship. The group also suggested shock therapy.

And, guess what? The “ex-gay” program didn’t even work. (They never do)

Jon has bravely come forward today to appear in a new Truth Wins Out video. He has a strong message for Google, which is recklessly hosting a dangerous “ex-gay” app, created by Living Hope Ministries, at its Google Play Store. This insidious app targets children as young as 11 with dehumanizing messages about LGBT people.

“Google has a problem with the LGBTQ Community and they need to be called out,” Jon said in the video. “Instead of teaching us how to love and accept one another these ex-gay organizations teach us how to hate. And there’s an app for that. So, Google, do the right thing and take it down. If you want to call out Google, go to and sign our petition.”

Jon ended his video with an inspiring message of hope: “Know that you’re loved, just the way you are. Always.”

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P.S. If you’re a survivor of “ex-gay” programs, like Jon, please consider creating a video demanding that Google delete its hateful “ex-gay” app. Send the link to