Earlier this year, I published a controversial op-ed, “Exit, Don’t Enable the Roman Catholic Church.” Boy, was I right in my assessment that liberal andmoderate Catholics should get out and find a more tolerant church as quickly as possible. Last week, the Pope delivered a bigoted Christmas address  dedicated to attacking loving LGBT families. Now, we have an Italian priest who wrote in his Christmas bulletin that women are to blame for domestic violence because they wear tight clothing.

According to the note:

Father Piero Corsi also attacked women for not cleaning their houses and serving fast food, and called on women to engage in ‘healthy self criticism’ over femicide – men murdering women.

In an astonishing message, he attacked pornography but said women shared the blame for ‘provoking the worst instincts which then turn into violence and sexual abuse’.

Father Corsi’s letter, pinned to the door of the church in the northern village of San Terenzo di Lerici, said: ‘Let’s ask ourselves. Is it possible that men have all gone mad at one stroke? We don’t think so.

‘The core of the problem is in the fact that women are more and more provocative, they yield to arrogance, they believe they can do everything themselves and they end up exacerbating tensions,’ it said.

‘How often do we see girls and even mature women walking on the streets in provocative and tight clothing?

‘Babies left to themselves, dirty houses, cold meals and fast food at home, soiled clothes.

What next, will they blame the mass rape of boys on their cute little choir outfits? This church in its current incarnation has serious issues that aren’t easily fixed. It may be too late the change the direction of the Roman Catholic Church. The best reform, as I mentioned in my controversial op-ed, may be fed up parishioners voting with their feet.

Are people of good conscience who don’t leave this institution Cathoholics — they know they need to quit but can’t abandon the harmful habit?