Truth Wins Out:

Nanny Cam Allegedly Caught Doyle with Happy Ending Masseuse and Also Guiding a Male Stranger into Son’s Bedroom  

Delray Beach, FL — Truth Wins Out released Part II of our interview with Allie Doyle, the niece of disgraced and debunked conversion therapist Christopher Doyle, who leads the farcically-named Institute for Healthy Families, based in Northern Virginia.

In Part II, Allie reveals that her uncle was caught by Sherry, his ex-wife, on the home’s “nanny cam”, ushering a male stranger into his house and leading him directly into a bedroom. The alleged incident shocked Sherry who was “flabbergasted,” because, as Allie recounted, “he had told her for years, you know, ‘my feelings towards men are gone and I don’t have these feelings anymore.’”   

“I think it was one of his son’s bedrooms and they were in there for 30 minutes, maybe a little less,” Allie told Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen in an interview. “And then [they] came out and the guy left. He is so angry that he can’t express himself the way he needs to.”

Allie also alleges that her uncle regularly frequented an Asian massage parlor, where a masseuse provided lurid services that included happy endings. During COVID, the massage house shut down, which she says agitated Christopher. During the pandemic, was allegedly caught on nanny cam having a sexually explicit speaker phone conversation with his masseuse.  

“Like, really sexual stuff,” Allie told Truth Wins Out. “He was like, ‘I really miss you. I wish I could see you in the hot tub right now, um, tell me what you are wearing.”    

Truth Wins Out released a major investigation on October 5, which revealed notorious “ex-gay” activist Christopher Doyle was credibly accused of abuse against his now “ex-wife” Sherry Montgomery, her mother and his children. He was arrested for assaulting Sherry’s mother in Florida, resulting in two protective orders. The information was gleaned from records we obtained at the Loudoun County Circuit Court in Leesburg, Virginia. In response to our investigation, Doyle desperately tried to have his court records sealed, but his effort to hide his ignominious behavior from public view was rejected by the court.

In Part I of our conversation, Allie imparted that she believed Sherry’s version of events regarding the divorce and the abuse she allegedly endured. Allie said of her uncle, “he’s ill, there is something wrong. This type of behavior is not acceptable. It’s not okay.” Allie said she believes that Christopher Doyle is unfit to help families considering his own personal brokenness. “You can’t give advice to people for a healthy family when your family is literally in shambles. You’ve got to work on yourself before you can work on other people.”

In Part II, Allie encourages her depraved Uncle to live authentically and to stop his dishonest lifestyle. “I know people in their 60’s that are coming out. It’s never too late to express yourself.”

Truth Wins Out educates the world on the harm caused by destructive “ex-gay” conversion programs, while fighting to eliminate anti-LGBTQ prejudice and discrimination. We believe that genuine freedom and contentment derive from authenticity and living one’s truth.  

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