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Truth Wins Out Praises New York Legislators For Introducing Bill Banning Harmful ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy For Minors

New York would follow in the footsteps of New Jersey and California

January 13, 2014 Press Release

Truth Wins Out Commends Maryland Delegate Cardin For Introducing Bill Banning ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy For Minors

Maryland is home both to Richard Cohen's International Healing Foundation and

January 08, 2014 Press Release

Mormon ‘Ex-Gay’ Organization Evergreen International Merges Into Radical North Star

North Star has some odd views: "It would have been wrong to ordain a black person in May of 1978"

January 03, 2014 Press Release

Truth Wins Out Denounces A&E For Reinstating Duck Dynasty Actor Phil Robertson

Christian conservatives are cooing, but this decision could backfire on them, as it creates an "anything goes" Wild West media environment

December 28, 2013 Press Release

Truth Wins Out Slams Duck Dynasty Reality Actor For Urging LGBT People to ‘Pray Away The Gay’

While Robertson blithely spews a simpleton’s version of Christianity, he seems oblivious to the lives he will ruin with his false rhetoric. Pressuring gay people

December 23, 2013 Press Release

Truth Wins Out Moves to Chicago

We are excited to relocate to a dynamic town with a thriving LGBT community

December 23, 2013 Press Release

Truth Wins Out Strongly Condemns Ugandan Parliament For Passing Anti-Gay ‘Life In Prison’ Law

Urges President to send bill back to Parliament and exhorts Pope Francis to speak out in opposition

December 23, 2013 Press Release

Winning the Battle at Home, But Outflanked Abroad?

Anti-gay forces are working to surrounded America and Western Europe with fundamentalist regimes. It appears they are having some success.

December 22, 2013 Opinion, Press Release
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