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My New Joy: The Holy See Making Social Conservatives Scream ‘Holy Shit’

Confession: I delight in watching ultra-conservative Catholics squirm ever since Pope Francis was handed the keys to the Vatican

November 11, 2013 Opinion

Aziz Ansari Is Right About Everything

Aziz talks to Conan about gays, racism, and other things

November 08, 2013 Opinion

Is a Gay Gubernatorial Candidate ‘Right for Maine?’

Rep. Mike Michaud shakes things up in Washington and Maine by coming out during his run for governor

November 04, 2013 Opinion

American Homophobes Ruin Real Lives So They Won’t Have to Get Real Jobs

We can understand why anti-gay zealots don’t want real jobs. However, in their lust not to earn honest livings, they are still ruining real lives

October 30, 2013 Opinion

Marriage Fight Is Closer To ‘Finished’ Than FRC Will Admit

On Oct. 27, the Family Research Council (FRC) unintentionally raised the white flag of surrender. It came in the form of a breathless direct mail

October 23, 2013 Opinion

Wayne Besen Reports On The Values Voter Summit In The Advocate

A preview of the next few years of anti-gay animus and bigotry

October 17, 2013 Opinion

Alabama Gay Wedding Exposes Hypocrisy Of Right-Wing Cries For ‘Religious Freedom’

Right-wingers only care about their own "religious freedom."

October 15, 2013 Opinion

The Hypocrisy Of So-Called ‘Values Voters’

Brent Childers explains that people who bring harm to LGBT people are anything but "values voters."

October 15, 2013 Opinion

‘Ex-Gay’ Activists Work to Undermine Virginia’s University System

Should universities be in the business of telling students that they are inferior? If Chris Doyle gets his way, this is precisely what will happen

October 14, 2013 Opinion

National Coming Out Day — What’s Changed And What Hasn’t

For some kids, it's a whole new world. For others, nothing has changed

October 11, 2013 Opinion
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