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Only Bigotry Can Stop Michael Sam From Playing In The NFL

Michael Sam is an accomplished NCAA athlete at the peak of his athletic powers. If he isn’t drafted, he should sue the NFL for discrimination

February 10, 2014 Opinion

On The Opening Day Of The Olympics, The Last Place I Want To Be Is Sochi

Let us count the ways Russia has no place hosting the Olympics

February 07, 2014 Opinion

Conan Explains Russia’s Very Gay Words For Winter Olympic Sports

You won't believe the literal Russian translations of Winter Olympic sports

February 05, 2014 Opinion

Super Bowl Exposes Super Hypocrisy On Breasts vs. Chests

Super Bowl Sunday was not only a lopsided game, but exposed the lopsided view of male versus female sexuality

February 03, 2014 Opinion

Who The Hell Is Brandon Ambrosino And Why Do People Continue To Publish Him?

The story of a professional contrarian who writes much yet says nothing

January 31, 2014 Opinion

New American Article Defending JONAH Shows Intellectual Sloppiness Of ‘Ex-Gay’ Propagandists

'Ex-gay' therapy is consumer fraud and SPLC is right to sue JONAH for harming clients and brazenly misrepresenting the facts about sexual orientation

January 30, 2014 Opinion, Press Release

The Long Road Ahead

America the bigoted has always competed with America the beautiful.

January 28, 2014 Opinion

What Happens When Anti-Gay Attacks Become Personal

Jeremy Hooper explains how his perspective on activism has changed since he became a father

January 27, 2014 Opinion

International Gay Rights Foes: If You Can’t Beat Them, Beat Them Up

Are there civilized, free nations that are moving forward where LGBT people are severely persecuted? The answer is evident.

January 14, 2014 Opinion, Press Release

It Actually Matters How Rep. Schock Plays in Peoria

If Schock is actually gay he should be metaphorically tarred and feathered

January 07, 2014 Opinion
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