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Invisible Children Touts Ties To NOM & Proposition 8 Funders

By Bruce Wilson, Talk2Action “A-1 Self Storage was one of the original donors who helped the founders of Invisible Children travel to Uganda and make

April 21, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Invisible Children’s ‘Cover the Night’ is April 20 – on LGBT ‘Day of Silence’

By Rachel Tabachnick, Talk2Action Invisible Children has an extensive history of funding and promotion by anti-gay rights entities, summarized in this article. The annual Day

April 20, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Creep Alert: Christopher Doyle’s Most Cynical, Disgusting, ‘Ex-Gay’ Campaign Ever

I thought I had seen it all in terms of grotesque lies from “ex-gay” activists. But today,  National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

April 20, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Commentary: Still the Iconoclast, Dr. Robert Spitzer Renounces His Infamous ‘Ex-Gay’ Study

In 1973, the iconoclastic Dr. Robert Spitzer led the charge to successfully have homosexuality removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM),

April 16, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Invisible Children: Screaming Monster While Hanging Out With Bigfoot

On April 20, Invisible Children will hold a worldwide rally to draw attention to murderous Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) founder Joseph Kony. The event

April 10, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Invisible Children and the Barnabas Group

In May 2007, Invisible Children’s CEO Ben Keesey, and IC’s Development Director Chris Sarette, submitted an application, which identified Invisible Children as a “ministry”, asking

April 10, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Producers of KONY 2012 Are Cozy With Organization Linked to Uganda’s Notorious ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill

We are deeply concerned that Invisible Children (IC), the non-profit made famous by its recent KONY 2012 viral video, shares profound ties with The Family

April 04, 2012 Blog, Opinion

The New Financial Fundamentalism

(Weekly Column) The New York Times had a revealing article that stated: “Big business groups like the Chamber of Commerce spent millions of dollars in

April 03, 2012 Opinion

Bill O’Reilly Gets a Reality Check on Ben & Jerry’s, Marriage Equality

Bill O’Reilly, the darling of the Fox News Channel, took a minute on his top-rated political commentary show last week to slam Vermont’s own legendary

March 29, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Fred Karger Op-Ed: Maggie Gallagher Bites the Hand that Feeds Her

By Fred Karger, GOP Presidential Candidate We are now certain based on much evidence that the National Organizationfor Marriage (NOM) was created by the Church

March 28, 2012 Blog, Opinion, Press Release
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