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Has Exodus Genuinely Changed Its Ways? Who Cares

(Commentary) Has Exodus international genuinely changed its ways? That’s the wrong question and the answer is, “who cares?” The real question with genuine societal and

July 11, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Why New Changes At Exodus Really Matter In The Culture Wars

(Weekly Column) The president of the world’s largest “pray away the gay” ministry, Alan Chambers, made headlines by proclaiming to major media outlets that there

July 10, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Victory (Sort Of) Against the ‘Ex-Gay’ Myth

(Commentary) With Exodus International President Alan Chambers admitting to several news organizations that there is no “cure” for homosexuality, I think it is fair to

July 09, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Alan Chambers’ Journey into Manhood

A boy is someone who unquestionably follows orders, allows others to define his core, and does not think for himself. Until this year, Exodus International’s

July 09, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Exodus’ Alan Chambers Attacked By Verbose Ideologue Robert Gagnon

The Christian Post is reporting more trouble for embattled Exodus President Alan Chambers, who made news when he told the Associated Press that the idea

July 05, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Thoughts on Anderson Cooper and the “Private Lives” of LGBT People

Yesterday’s news that Anderson Cooper had finally come out of the closet brought a smile to my face. Sure, it wasn’t a watershed moment like

July 03, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Tragedy Strikes Texas: My Trip to a Vigil For Lesbian Couple South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend When I first heard that a gunman shot a teenage lesbian couple in Portland, Texas, I pictured a

July 03, 2012 Blog, News, Opinion

Analysis: The Future of Exodus International — A New Leaf or New Lies?

A major Associated Press story came out today with an encouraging headline: “Christian group backs away from ex-gay therapy.” According to the well-written and informative

June 27, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Why I’m Going to Texas Vigil to Mourn Lesbian Couple

(Weekly Column) The more victories the LGBT movement racks up, the more vicious our opponents become. When I look at the anti-gay extremism in 2012,

June 26, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Exit, Don’t Enable the Roman Catholic Church

(Weekly Column) If there is one thing that irks me, it is having the Roman Catholic Church preach to me about sexual morality. It is

June 19, 2012 Blog, Opinion
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