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Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham Are Fighting About Gays Now

Laura Ingraham Thinks It's Very, Very Insulting To Call Bible Thumpers "Bible Thumpers."

April 03, 2013 Opinion

Pity This Child Flinging Homophobic Hate At Church-Goers On Easter

Kids learn from their elders. In this case, a child has learned to hate

April 02, 2013 Opinion

Regina Griggs Continues To Throw Her Kid Under The Bus In Public

Regina Griggs Seems To Think She's A Better Parent Than Rob Portman.

April 02, 2013 Opinion

Georgia GOP Person Very Worried People Will Use Gay Marriage To Game The System

Georgia GOP Chairwoman Clearly Believes She Has Found The Crux Of The Problem

April 01, 2013 Opinion
betrayed by BillO!

Infighting! Conservative Talk Show Host Calls O’Reilly’s Marriage Equality Stance A ‘Hanging Offense’

Extreme right goes off the rails as prominent conservatives begin to deviate from "Party Line" on marriage equality

April 01, 2013 Opinion

Star-Ledger Badly Misses The Mark By Not Supporting Conversion Therapy Bill

In an incoherent editorial, The Star Ledger editorial board admits reparative therapy is harmful, yet claims it shouldn't be regulated to protect vulnerable LGBT youth.

April 01, 2013 Opinion

When Your Mighty God Is Just A Mite

The modern age has erased religion's ability to wow the masses with magic and miracles. There is no better example than Africa's "fairy circles"

April 01, 2013 Opinion

Tom Tomorrow Sums Up Our Opponents’ Anti-Marriage Equality Arguments

Sometimes, reality is best depicted in a cartoon

April 01, 2013 Opinion

USA Today Omits Facts behind Reparative-Therapy Bans

USA Today distorts or withholds some facts surrounding efforts to ban reparative therapy

March 31, 2013 Opinion

Five Lessons I’ve Learned as a Black Christian LGBT Ally

My name is Rev. Gerald Palmer and I am an ally.    I knew of many black LGBT allies who served in the ministry but the

March 26, 2013 Opinion
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