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Vermont Pastor: You Can’t Marry Your Partner, Just Like A Farmer Can’t Marry His Loving Cow

Even in enlightened Vermont, there are backward elements who would ruin the state

April 24, 2013 Opinion

Should the LGBT Community Forgive John Paulk For His Anti-Gay Sins?

Former "ex-gay" John Paulk collaborated with our foes to destroy us. Does he have a responsibility to make things right?

April 23, 2013 Opinion, Press Release

The Self-Flagellation Of A Self-Loathing Homocon

The very gay Doug Mainwaring spends 1500 words explaining why he's not worthy of love

April 22, 2013 Opinion

La La La, Jennifer Roback Morse Can’t Hear You

And if she closes her eyes, we all disappear

April 22, 2013 Opinion

Os Hillman Claims Stronger Heterosexual Marriages Will Produce Fewer Gay Children

God didn't create Adam and Joe, he created Adam and Eve. Poor Steve, nowhere to be found

April 22, 2013 Opinion

Thanks, Tony Perkins, But We Didn’t Ask Your Opinion On The Boston Attacks

SPOILER: Tony Perkins managed to tie Boston to abortion and "sexual liberalism."

April 19, 2013 Opinion

Mat Staver Ties Himself Up In Knots Over Back-Alley ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

And then he and Mike Huckabee kill a strawman together, multiple times

April 19, 2013 Opinion

New NOM Stooge Is Really Wordy, Saying Nothing

One of NOM's new writers manages to blather on for 1500 words or so, yet say

April 19, 2013 Opinion

Tennessee House Of Representatives Says Cowboys Don’t Have To Be Boys

Nobody in Tennessee knows what this means.

April 17, 2013 Opinion

Sandy Rios and Linda Harvey Try To Out-Hate Each Other On ‘Day Of Silence’

SPOILER ALERT: Linda Harvey wins the Biggest Hater contest. She always does

April 17, 2013 Opinion
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