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Matt Barber’s Sad, Lonely Hate Tweet About Jason Collins

If a bigot falls in the woods and nobody's around to hear it, does the bigot exist

April 29, 2013 Opinion

Notable Tough Guy Dave Daubenmire Scared Of Martial Law In Boston

Dave going on for two minutes about martial law in Boston is the perfect backdrop for his unhinged recent interview with Porno Pete

April 29, 2013 Opinion

Janet Porter: The Most Dishonest, Sleazy ‘Christian’ In America

Janet Porter continues to peddle anti-gay lies, even after her "ex-gay" Truth in Love ad campaign flopped

April 26, 2013 Opinion

Fourth Grader Explains Why Gays Should Be Able To Get Married

"It doesn't matter if it creeps you out, just get over it."

April 25, 2013 Opinion

Log Cabin Republicans Encourage GOP To Take A Stand Against Anti-Gay Extremism

New LCR ad encourages Republicans to re-embrace a "big tent" philosophy

April 25, 2013 Opinion

Iowa Wingnuts Still Trying To Punish Judges Who Ruled For Marriage Equality

House Conservatives want to push judges out by reducing their pay. It won't work, but it's funny

April 24, 2013 Opinion

Janet Porter and Porno Pete Attempt To Make Point In Nonsense Video

We would be offended, but our opposition's arguments come off as insane ramblings

April 24, 2013 Opinion

Bully-Promoting Focus on the Family Complains About Mean Gays On Facebook

Focus on the Family doesn't miss a chance to play the perpetually whining victim

April 24, 2013 Opinion

Vermont Pastor: You Can’t Marry Your Partner, Just Like A Farmer Can’t Marry His Loving Cow

Even in enlightened Vermont, there are backward elements who would ruin the state

April 24, 2013 Opinion

Should the LGBT Community Forgive John Paulk For His Anti-Gay Sins?

Former "ex-gay" John Paulk collaborated with our foes to destroy us. Does he have a responsibility to make things right?

April 23, 2013 Opinion, Press Release
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