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European Court: Religious Beliefs Do Not Justify Discrimination

A victory in Europe against those who hide behind religion to justify discrimination: Today the European Court of Human Rights ruled that religious beliefs may not

January 16, 2013 News

House Republicans Waste Tax-Payer Money By Defending DOMA

Chris Geidner at BuzzFeed reports: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer blasted House Republican leaders Tuesday for their continued legal support

January 16, 2013 News

TWO Supports Hagel Nomination After He Clarifies Stand On LGBT Military Issues

Chuck Hagel has mollified our deep concerns about his nomination with his latest statements. TWO now supports his nomination

January 16, 2013 News

Obama Picks Inclusive and Affirming Preacher For Inauguration Benediction

Obama has replaced the offensive and homophobic Louie Giglio with a friend of the LGBT community

January 16, 2013 News

Miracle On The Potomac: Mute Judge Speaks In Pretty Courtroom

Clarence Thomas is like an eclipse. He blocks out the sunlight and shows up briefly every few years

January 15, 2013 News

Rhode Island Begins Effort to Make New England A Marriage Freedom Zone

Rhode Island takes steps toward marriage equality

January 15, 2013 News

Harvey Milk Airport in San Francisco?

It is time to honor a true hero by renaming the Golden Gate city's airport.

January 15, 2013 News

Jodie Foster Comes Out At The Golden Globe Awards — Affirming or Annoying?

There are many different reactions to Jodie Foster's 'coming out speech. How do you feel about it

January 14, 2013 News

Watch: Rachel Maddow On Deceased PFLAG Founder and Hero Jeanne Manford

One hero, Rachel Maddow, weeps for the passing of another hero, Jeanne Manford

January 12, 2013 News

TWO’s Wayne Besen On CNN To Discuss Giglio Imbroglio

Besen appears with CNN host Carol Costello and anti-gay activist Peter Sprigg to discuss offensive cleric Louie Giglio

January 11, 2013 News, Press Release
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