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New Book: Homosexuality, The Bible, The Truth

Does the Bible condemn LGBT people? A new book by Wayne Gray tackles this difficult subject and offers hope and healing

April 04, 2013 News

Magic Johnson Shows Us What A Supportive Parent Really Looks Like

It doesn't involve telling them that they need to "change" who they are

April 04, 2013 News

Second GOP Senator, Mark Kirk, Backs Marriage Equality

Our side of the fence is getting crowded, in the best way

April 02, 2013 News

Leaders Aim to Conceal Kill-the-Gays Debate from Ugandans

While Pastor Solomon Male and Reverend Thomas Musoke led an Easter kill-the-gays hate march near the home of slain gay-rights activist David Kato, members of Parliament maneuvered

April 02, 2013 News

Money Hungry Mormon ‘Ex-Gay Therapist’ Misleads LDS Clients With Fake Facts and Gobs of Guilt

If you are LDS or live in Utah -- beware of "ex-gay" counselor David Matheson. He has a shady past and offers no verifiable record

April 01, 2013 News

Exodus Suffers Two-Day Web Outage, Loses Six Months of Content

Exodus president: "Exodus website and conference site are down and potentially gone forever thanks to our hosting company---they don't have a backup. Say a prayer---"

March 30, 2013 News

Video: TWO’s Wayne Besen On Current TV To Discuss DOMA Trial

It was a big week in the nations capital. TWO's Executive Director discusses marriage cases before the Supreme Court

March 28, 2013 News

TWO Discovers America’s Most Remarkable Anti-Gay Bigot. It’s Truly Amazing

Call Ringling Brothers -- because we have found the greatest homophobe on earth!

March 26, 2013 News

BJU Leaders Caught Again With Pants Down

Bob Jones University hired a team to conduct an independent investigation into numerous allegations of sexual abuse

March 23, 2013 News

Osmond Family Exploits Children To Rally Against Marriage Equality In Utah

Osmond family to hold anti-gay rally using child entertainment. How many of these youth will grow up to be gay?

March 23, 2013 News, Press Release
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