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NOM Goes Global

The International Organization for Marriage will take hate to new, exciting places!

April 15, 2013 News

Rick Santorum Doesn’t Understand Why Lots Of People Wouldn’t Want Him Around Their Kids

Maybe good parents don't want their kids subjected to an hour of anti-gay ranting

April 15, 2013 News

Politician Kicked Out Of Christian Band For Being Insufficiently Anti-Gay

Mark Smith of Pennsylvania shows us what it looks like to have principles

April 15, 2013 News
Trystan Cotten

Transmen Tell Their Stories

The book Hung Jury: Testimonies of Genital Surgery by Transsexual Men debunks the prurient myths and negative stereotypes surrounding transmen who choose to undergo surgery

April 14, 2013 News

Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Bans Transgender Women From Attendance

The Indigo Girls will still be performing, but are using their platform to push for trans inclusion in the festival

April 12, 2013 News

GLSEN Promotes ‘Day Of Silence’ By Using Anti-Gay Bigot Linda Harvey’s Words Verbatim

When Linda and her cohort speak, it only helps us more

April 12, 2013 News

Social Conservatives Will Make Sure GOP Remains A Regional Minority Party

They're prepared to hold the party hostage, regardless of how many elections the GOP loses

April 12, 2013 News

Alan Keyes Says Gay Marriage Is Just Like Eating Boogers

We don't know what it means either

April 11, 2013 News

Mark Regnerus Revealing His True Colors As Anti-Gay Activist

Newly released documents show what frauds the Regnerus "study" and the events surrounding its release really are

April 11, 2013 News
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