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Restored Hope Network Board Member Known For Bizarre Anti-Masturbation Prayer

Board member for new "ex-gay" organization, Leanne Payne, believes masturbation is bad and compares gay people to cannibals

May 08, 2013 News

Delaware Just Became Our Eleventh Marriage Equality State!

State senator Karen Peterson also came out as a lesbian during the debate

May 07, 2013 News

Singer Josh Ritter Uses Appearance At Fundamentalist College To Advocate For LGBT Rights

One of my favorite singers took a bold stand for equality at a fundamentalist college in Pennsylvania

May 06, 2013 News

Westboro Baptist Would Like Attention At Graceland In Memphis

Please give us attention! Please! Please

May 06, 2013 News

Michelle Shocked Loses it on Twitter (again)

Sometimes a picture (or in this case a screen grab) tells a thousand words. She seems to have plastered her twitter feed with variations of

May 03, 2013 News

Dumbest Real Estate Agent Ever Distributes Sales Flyers With Anti-Gay Propaganda

Aside from the homophobia, this has to be the dumbest business move ever

May 02, 2013 News

New Anti-Bullying PSA: ‘Stop the Bull*hit’ And Stop The Bullying

New anti-bullying PSA with Jason Mraz, Garrison Starr and many others. It's great!

May 02, 2013 News

NFL Players Express Support For Jason Collins

The professional sports community has shown in the past week that they're more than ready for out, gay athletes

May 02, 2013 News

‘Ex-Gay’ Charlatans On The Defensive About Murder At South African Camp That Promises To ‘Make Men Out Of Boys’

The fact that "ex-gay" organizations have their backs up about this case is telling

May 01, 2013 News, Opinion
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