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Minnesota Rep. Tim Faust Explains Why He Voted For Marriage Equality

When you find somebody you can't live without, it shouldn't matter whether you're gay or straight

May 14, 2013 News

Minnesota Governor Will Sign Marriage Law At 5:00 PM Today!

I love this trend of governors not wanting to make us wait any longer

May 14, 2013 News

Minnesota Becomes Twelfth State With Marriage Equality!

Three states in three weeks doesn't mean we have any "momentum," the Religious Right will say

May 13, 2013 News

There Is Nothing Matt Barber Won’t Lie About

Even when people on his own side have debunked something, he'll continue to lie

May 13, 2013 News

Final Minnesota Marriage Vote This Afternoon!

Governor Mark Dayton is expected to sign the bill after it's passed.

May 13, 2013 News

N.J. ‘Ex-Gay’ Backfires in Attempt to Gayify Jerry Sandusky

The Times of Trenton says ex-gay remarks show why reparative-therapy ban is needed to prevent ex-gay child abuse

May 10, 2013 News

Once Again, Jim Wallis Throws LGBT People Under the Civil Rights Bus

Jim Wallis is the most overrated progressive religious figure in America. He rarely shows moral leadership and keeps his finger in the wind.

May 10, 2013 News

Minnesota Wingnut’s Heart Breaking Over The Advance Of Equal Rights In Her State

She just wishes Minnesotans could come together to hate minorities like the good old days

May 10, 2013 News

Another Poll Showing Majority Support For Marriage Equality (That The Religious Right Will Ignore)

Large majorities also support Jason Collins coming out and the BSA reversing its anti-gay bans

May 10, 2013 News

Minnesota House Passes Marriage Equality 75-59!

On to the Senate!

May 09, 2013 News
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