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O’Reilly: If A Boy Likes Pink, You Might Have To Send Him To ‘Camp’

What kind of "camp" are you talking about, Bill

June 05, 2013 News

A Clown Car Just Opened At Human Rights Campaign Headquarters

Don't laugh, you guys, this is what they do for a living

June 04, 2013 News

Mark Regnerus, Author Of Sham Gay Parenting Study, Claims Religion Explains The World

More on the Evangelical Right's efforts to infiltrate the world of academics with lies, distortions and more lies

June 03, 2013 News

Marriage Bill Shamefully Dies In Illinois House

Disappointment in Illinois as marriage equality bill is derailed at last moment

June 01, 2013 News

Dan Savage On What Christians Can Do For The LGBT Movement

Don't tell us that Tony Perkins doesn't speak for you. Tell Tony Perkins

May 31, 2013 News

Surprise! Not All Gay People Are Rich!

A new study finds that a serious poverty gap exists between LGBT Americans and the rest of the population

May 31, 2013 News

Cyberbullying Solutions At SXSW

Online thuggery and harassment is a problem we can't ignore

May 30, 2013 News

Webinar: Exploring the Intersection of Religious Liberty and LGBT Rights

A conversation about religious liberty with a focus on LGBT issues noting why it should matter to both people of faith and non-theists.

May 30, 2013 News

SPLC: Regnerus Sham Study Part of Shady Evangelical Effort To Infiltrate Academia

SPLC Interview demolishes anti-gay researcher and shows how evangelicals are using right wing foundation money to gain influence in leading universities

May 30, 2013 News
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