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Fifty-Eight Percent Of Californians Support Marriage Equality

Only 36% remain opposed in this poll, a 22 point spread

June 10, 2013 News

Handy Guides To The Upcoming Supreme Court Decisions

In case you're confused by the myriad possible outcomes

June 07, 2013 News

Lisa Ling Will Revisit Exodus Story With Confrontation Between Alan Chambers And ‘Ex-Gay’ Survivors

According to previews, this confrontation could topple the organization. We shall see

June 07, 2013 News

You’re Having A Lesbian!

Marriage equality is EVERY family's issue

June 07, 2013 News

Kristin Beck, Transgender Former Navy SEAL, Speaks To Anderson Cooper

Kristin Beck's story helps to start a conversation about transgender people serving in the military

June 07, 2013 News

Wayne Besen Appears On Alan Colmes Radio Against ‘Quackpot’ Who Believes He Can Rewire Gay Brains

TWO's Wayne Besen appeared on FOX's Alan Colmes Radio against a quack who uses coloring books to cure gays

June 06, 2013 News

Interview With The Gay Students Voted ‘Cutest Couple’ In Their High School

It's great to see what it looks like when gay teens are truly accepted by their friends and families

June 06, 2013 News

More Good Polling News For Our Side

A majority of people OPPOSED to marriage equality still realize that it's inevitable

June 06, 2013 News

Pastor Hosting ‘Ex-Gay’ Conference Made AIDS Joke About Bambi’s Father

This Oklahoma pastor has a one sick sense of humor. Of course, he loves homosexuals, as all fundamentalists do

June 06, 2013 News

Largest Same-Sex Parenting Study To Date Shows That The Kids Are All Right

Actually, in some areas they score better than the children of straight parents

June 05, 2013 News
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