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Porno Pete’s New Year Ruined By Rose Bowl Parade Float

Apparently this parade float was really painful for wingnuts

January 03, 2014 News

Minnesota Vikings Respond To Chris Kluwe’s Allegations

Kluwe believes his LGBT advocacy is part of why he was fired

January 02, 2014 News

Bryan Fischer: People Who Understand Biology Shouldn’t Be Able To Hold Elected Office

Apparently intelligent people are a danger to our system of government

January 02, 2014 News

Chris Kluwe Believes He Was Fired From Minnesota Vikings For Outspoken Support For LGBT People

Chris explains that he was fired by two cowards and a bigot

January 02, 2014 News

Despite Religious Right Predictions, There Has Been No Exodus From The Boy Scouts

The Scouts show that you lose nothing by being open and inclusive

January 02, 2014 News

Matt Barber Rings In New Year With Attempts At Limerick-Writing

This is obviously not Barber's first experience with good-natured joshing

January 02, 2014 News

Porno Pete Rings In New Year By Posting Picture Of Giant Dildos

This is why we call him Porno Pete

December 31, 2013 News

It’s the Last Dance, Last Chance to Give to Truth Wins Out in 2013

You have until midnight to show Truth Wins Out some love

December 31, 2013 News

Wingnuts Close 2013 By Boycotting Rose Bowl Parade, Biology, Reality, Common Sense

In 2013, wingnuts became more tribally identified and more disconnected from reality

December 31, 2013 News

ABC News Looks Back On The Gay Rights Successes of 2013

What a year it has been!

December 31, 2013 News
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