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Chinese Activists Fighting Back Against ‘Ex-Gay’ Torture

"Ex-gay" therapy wreaks the same destruction in China as it does anywhere else

January 21, 2014 News

Anti-Gay Facebook Group Pushes ‘Children’s Book’ About Killing Gays

The page has been taken down, but its fans still exist

January 21, 2014 News

Conservative Evangelicals Divorce At Higher Rates Than General Population

Another reason they shouldn't be bothering with our equal rights

January 21, 2014 News

Florida Couples File Suit To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage Ban

The case is being brought by the NCLR, Equality Florida and others

January 21, 2014 News

Bill to Ban ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy on Minors Formally Announced In Virginia

TWO applauds Delegate Patrick Hope and everyone in Virginia who is courageously speaking out against the barbarism of "ex-gay" therapy

January 21, 2014 News, Press Release

Oklahoma Activist Scott Hamilton Cleans The Clock Of Arch-Homophobe Rep. Sally Kern

Sally Kern shows remarkable ignorance and arrogance as she professes belief that all Americans should live by her narrow fundamentalist rules - whether they like

January 20, 2014 News

Watch Now: The Single Most Memorable Moment In My 25 Years Of LGBT Advocacy

You won't want to miss this. A transgender woman uses a stone to reduce anti-gay biblical arguments to rubble.

January 18, 2014 News

Pope Benedict Defrocked Four Hundred Child-Abusing Priests Over Just Two Years

A stunning number that exposes how large the scandal still is

January 17, 2014 News

The View’s Sherri Shepherd Thinks You’re Going To Hell, But That Doesn’t Make Her Anti-Gay

If you believe those sorts of things, you're anti-gay. It's not complicated

January 17, 2014 News

‘Ex-Gay’ Crackpot D.L. Foster Believes America No Longer Free Due To Homosexuality

He lauds paragons of freedom like Jamaica and Russia

January 17, 2014 News
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