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Lutheran Bishop in MN Rebukes Catholic Archbishop in Open Letter

In an op-ed published last weekend in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, former Lutheran Bishop Herbert W. Chilstrom respectfully but firmly rebuked Twin Cities Catholic Archbishop

October 15, 2012 Blog

Tonight We Saw Kristin Hersh Of Throwing Muses

This evening, Jamie and I kicked off our belated honeymoon in Bellows Falls, Vermont. We saw Kristin Hersh in concert at the Windham Ballroom. She

October 13, 2012 Blog

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Rep. Introduces Bill to Ban Reparative Therapy

Another courageous state lawmaker has stepped up to the plate in the ongoing battle against the dubious practice known as “reparative,” “conversion,” or “ex-gay” therapy,

October 12, 2012 Blog

Gang of Thugs Descends on Moscow Gay Club in ‘Pogrom’

Moscow News has a horrifying report: Unknown assailants attacked a gay club in downtown Moscow on Thursday night. At least three people have been admitted to

October 12, 2012 Blog

The Words of Chris Kluwe, On a T-Shirt Near You?

Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe — the witty and outspoken straight ally who raked an anti-LGBT Maryland politician over the coals this summer and recently dressed

October 12, 2012 Blog

Florida Log Cabin Republicans Chapter Uses Slain Ambassador to Attack Obama on LGBT Rights

If this isn't the very definition of reprehensible, I don't know what is

October 12, 2012 Blog

In Memoriam: Matthew Shepard

Fourteen years ago on this date, 21-year-old Matthew Shepard died of wounds sustained during a vicious anti-gay hate crime. Today and every day, we must

October 12, 2012 Blog

Flashback: At The 1993 March on Washington

Here is a blast from the past. I am at the March on Washington in 1993 with my friend Christopher Burdick. I am holding a

October 12, 2012 Blog

So, Who Won The VP Debate?

Let us know your thoughts on who won last night’s vice presidential debate

October 12, 2012 Blog

Marc Paige: It’s the Supreme Court, Stupid!

(Guest Column) No community has more at stake in this presidential election than the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. In Barack Obama, we

October 12, 2012 Blog
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