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Two Gay Youths Killed in 10 Days: Ex-Gay Youth Leaders Give Nod to Oppression

Two gay U.S. teenagers have been brutally killed since Feb. 12, apparently because of their sexual orientation or gender variance. Exodus Youth — a Florida-based

February 24, 2008 Blog

Focus on the Family Shields Public from Ex-Gay Survivors

Focus on the Family denies the existence of former ex-gays — a growing movement of hundreds of people who have discovered through personal experience that

February 23, 2008 Blog

News Roundup for February 16-18, 2008

Ex-gay activists' friends on the religious right may be worst enemies, where access to public schools is concerned

February 16, 2008 Blog

Exodus Speaker Promotes Discrimination and Self-Victimization

Meet the Rev. Ken Hutcherson, a hero to ex-gays — and simultaneously, perhaps, one of ex-gays’ worst enemies. Hutcherson is: Featured speaker for the ex-gay

February 14, 2008 Blog

California Student Brain-Dead after Possible Gay-Bashing

Lawrence King, a 15-year-old student whom friends say had been frequently harassed on the basis of his perceived sexual orientation, is now brain-dead after he

February 14, 2008 Blog

Ex-Gay Stephen Bennett Seeks $180,000 in 2008

Ex-gay activist Stephen Bennett has suffered from questionable finances for years — and 2007 was no exception. The longtime professional ex-gay, who has yet to

February 13, 2008 Blog

Village Voice, 1957: Have Ex-gays Really ‘Changed’?

Well-known since the late 1990s, the ex-gay movement has its roots in stereotypical theories and antigay therapists that date back to the 1880s. By 1957,

February 11, 2008 Blog

Ex-Gay Program Deletes Failures from Its Success Survey

The ex-gay advocacy group People Can Change issued a press release Feb. 7 that distorted the organization’s own survey of a controversial men’s retreat and

February 08, 2008 Blog

Editor of Gay Chilean Website Parrots U.S. Ex-Gay Rhetoric

Like an octopus, the U.S. ex-gay movement weaves its tentacles deep into South America

February 08, 2008 Blog

In Iowa’s Battle over Marriage, Is Ex-Gay Pundit Kinder and Gentler?

Amid a state battle over marriage, is Iowa's Chad Thompson a kinder and gentler ex-gay activist

February 07, 2008 Blog
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