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Do CNN and HLN Constitute America’s Newest Antigay Ministry?

Just the other day, Truth Wins Out criticized CNN’s sister network HLN for its one-sided promotion of Janet Boynes Ministries, and its attempt to sideline

June 06, 2012 Blog

‘Liked’ to Death

While some of my Facebook friends are busy clicking “Like” on virtual causes and signing virtual petitions on behalf of struggling organizations, causes that they

May 20, 2012 Blog

House GOP Votes against Military Religious Freedom

U.S. House Republicans voted Friday to add a provision onto a defense bill that would ban pro-equality clergy and denominations from celebrating same-sex marriages at military chapels.

May 20, 2012 Blog

Exodus Celebrates Freedom to be Unfree

Despite cutbacks to its Love Won Out roadshow, Exodus International is proceeding with its June 27-30 Freedom Conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The conference theme

May 09, 2012 Blog

GOP Warns against Antigay Bradlee Dean Event Tonight

Bradlee Dean — punk-rocker, youth pastor, antigay activist, ally of ex-gay activist Janet Boynes and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann — took fire from two directions

April 24, 2012 Blog

Ex-Gay Think Tank Defends A Right to Malpractice and Self-Abuse

The ex-gay think tank NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) reacted Monday to news of a California bill that would prohibit antigay therapist

April 24, 2012 Blog

Are Cracks Forming in Evangelical Alliance against Sex Education?

Adelle M. Banks of the Religion News Service wrote today that doubt is growing among evangelicals over the cost of abstinence-only education. Banks cites admissions from

April 23, 2012 Blog

Interim Comment Guidelines at Truth Wins Out

We have noticed a gradual increase in profanity and name-calling among some commenters here at the Truth Wins Out website. Uncivil behavior reflects badly upon

April 08, 2012 Blog

Minnesota Schools’ Antibullying Settlement A Setback for ‘Ex-Gays’

Minnesota ex-gay activist Janet Boynes and the antigay Parents Action League suffered a setback today, in their opposition to school antibullying policies that expressly protect sexual

March 05, 2012 Blog

Ohio Ex-Gay Industry Likely to Fight Repeal of State Marriage Ban

Phil Burress: Ohio’s antigay and "ex-gay" industry will not only topple the state's pro-equal-marriage amendment, but also “kiss Obama goodbye.”

March 04, 2012 Blog
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