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We are in the final stages of major changes to the TWO web site, and we still have some work to do

October 29, 2012 News

Uganda Legislative Leader Answers Canada Human-Rights Moves with Lies

The speaker of Uganda’s parliament is accusing Canada of denying some of her fellow lawmakers visas for an Inter-Parliamentary Union conference — and she is

October 24, 2012 Opinion

Since When Did ‘Legal Eagles’ Support Child Abuse?

A headline in the Navelgazing blog at the OC Weekly reported yesterday that “Christian legal eagles” vow to fight a new California law which protects

October 02, 2012 Blog

GOP Donors Refocus on Congress

While most media pundits obsess over the next occupant of the White House, wealthy donors are wisely refocusing their attention on Congress, Fox Business Network

October 02, 2012 Blog

What the 2012 Presidential Debates Should Ask about Faith

On the Washington Post’s religion blog today, Georgetown University associate professor Jacques Berlinerblau asks whether the 2012 U.S. presidential debates will address matters of faith

October 01, 2012 Blog

Ex-Gay Lobby Objects to Limited Ban on Conversion Therapy

Lending its support to a planned lawsuit by the Liberty Counsel, a lobbying group for antigay psychoanalysts today rejected California’s authority to ban medical malpractice

October 01, 2012 Blog

Family Research Council Speech Fosters Family Breakdown

The Family Research Council helps parents wreck their families, while upholding dishonesty as "the truth" and mistaking its own false piety for authenticity

September 13, 2012 Blog

Exodus: Restaffing for A New Era

While one staffer jumps ship, the hiring and promotion of two others signals Exodus International's ongoing shift toward slightly softer, yet still shaming and misleading,

September 07, 2012 Blog

UPDATED: School that Fired Teacher over Gay Son Receives State Tax Dollars

The school receives state tax dollars via two scholarship funds. Pennsylvania law “allows businesses to donate state tax money to a qualified fund ... and

September 06, 2012 Blog Page Promotes Ex-Gay Myth to Teenagers’s pray-away-the-gay page for teenagers sells the benefits but not the dangers of the ex-gay myth

September 05, 2012 Blog
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