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Moldova–As If Uganda Weren’t Enough

Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin writes that anti-gay extremist and pretend sociologist Paul Cameron is about to travel to Moldova to help haters there

October 18, 2011 Blog

Bigoted Washingtonians Outed

In keeping with their fear that LGBTQ activists are out to harm them (a case of psychological projection if ever there was one, given that

October 18, 2011 Blog

We Have To Teach Critical Thinking

Let’s look at some recent headlines about humans and their antics. ‘Exorcism’ kills Japanese girl by drowning Radio preacher now says Oct. 21 is definitely

October 18, 2011 Blog

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Two Gay Dads

in 2006, Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith legally adopted a Louisiana child while they were living in NY; they wanted both their names to appear

October 11, 2011 Blog

Brunei About To Adopt Sharia Law

Brunei is a wealthy, developed country on the island of Borneo that borders Malaysia and is a near neighbor of Indonesia. It appears about to

October 11, 2011 Blog

Ultra-Orthodox Banning Women From Certain Jerusalem Streets

Lest we forget, the theocratic element in Israel–a modern and nominally secular state–is active and powerful. An ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) group living in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim

October 11, 2011 Blog

More Persecution In Nigeria

You already can’t legally marry a person of the same sex in Nigeria. New proposed legislation, sponsored by twenty-six homophobic Nigerian senators, all of whom

October 04, 2011 Blog

Gay Couple Say They Were Assaulted As They Tried To Go To Church

A gay couple in Fruitland, Tennessee was on their way to church: “I went over to take the keys out of the ignition and all

October 04, 2011 Blog

C. Peter Wagner Dishes to Terry Gross

C. Peter Wagner says he gave the New Apostolic Reformation its name, and he has been a prominent leader in that movement for decades. He

October 04, 2011 Blog

A Case From Indonesia

Rahmat Sulistyo donned a headscarf, renamed zirself* “Icha,” and met a man named Umar on Facebook. They married, and Rahmat assumed a traditional wifely role,

October 01, 2011 Blog
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