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On the Word “Bigotry” and Those to Whom It Applies

Aside from the story of the day, about George Rekers, the NARTH board member, co-founder of the Family Research Council, and BFF of James Dobson,

May 04, 2010 Blog

So, Which Boy Did George Rekers Rent?

This one: His name is Geo. This is from his RentBoy profile: Massage, good times, Travel, escort for days, nights and weekends, My name’s Geo.

May 04, 2010 Blog

Regina Griggs Crying “Discrimination” Again

Regina Griggs of PFOX was, completely by mistake, given a certificate of appreciation by DC Mayor Adrian Fenty. You could tell it was a mistake

May 03, 2010 Blog

TN Republican Congressional Candidates Condone Violence Against Gay Servicemembers

I was going to say something about this the other day, because it’s happening in my backyard, but then I forgot, due to seven tornado

May 03, 2010 Blog

Peter LaBarbera Reads Blog Post to God at DC May Day Rally, then Posts it on his Blog

This is what we call “full circle wingnut.” Peter LaBarbera prayed at the sparsely attended May Day rally, and it was a really funny prayer,

May 03, 2010 Blog

Country Singer and Devout Christian Chely Wright Coming Out as a Lesbian

I’m sure this will surprise no one who’s involved in the country music world, as country music is much like Christian music, in that it’s

May 02, 2010 Blog

Virginia Atty General Ken Cuccinelli Covers Up Booby On State Seal

Commence making fun of Virginia now: Virginia’s attorney general Ken Cuccinelli is hard at work on the important issues of the day — like making

May 01, 2010 Blog

In New Jersey, A Better Prom Story

Lisa Derrick posted this story about Derrek Lutz, who is going to prom with a female friend this evening. That part would pass in Mississippi,

May 01, 2010 Blog

Cliff Kincaid’s Accuracy In Media [sic] Claims DADT Repeal Will Endanger American Troops’ Lives

We all know that when Cliff Kincaid takes pen to paper, you’re about to come face to face with a level of mouth-foaming crazy that

April 30, 2010 Blog

Hawai’i Leg Passes Civil Unions

Now on to the governor’s desk. She’s a Republican, but the Senate has enough votes to override her if she does. The House is still

April 30, 2010 Blog
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