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In Case You Need To Unwind…

I’m doing this with a men’s choir this Christmas.  I’ve sung it many times over the years, and it is truly one of the most

September 14, 2010 Blog

It’s Not the Words, People: It’s The Intent

I frequently have a certain conversation with people, over what words are acceptable and what words are not, as regards the LGBT community. My contention

September 13, 2010 Blog

Hilarious: Attempted Q’uran Burning Thwarted By Skateboarder

Can’t burn the Q’uran if a skateboarder runs up and takes your Q’uran away. “Dude, you HAVE no Q’uran.” Heh. [h/t Videogum

September 13, 2010 Blog

Charlie Crist Suddenly Loves Gay Rights [But Not Marriage]

Pander, pander.  Charlie Crist has released a new position paper on LGBT rights.  It’s mostly good, but stops short of supporting marriage equality, sort of

September 13, 2010 Blog

The Next DADT Case Going to Trial

Yep, there’s another one. Major Margaret Witt, a flight nurse in the Air Force [because medical care is only important, as long as the nurse

September 13, 2010 Blog

Fundie Politician Refuses to Participate in Official Dinner Because Iceland Prime Minister is Lesbian

Though oceans may separate them, wingnuts of all lands have one thing in common — they’re all sophomoric babies.  Hemant Mehta gives the background on

September 13, 2010 Blog

Rick Santorum in Full Dogwhistle Mode as He Tries To Run for President

This piece from Peter at Right Wing Watch, describing Rick Santorum’s weekend, is just bizarre on so many levels: Santorum reprised those remarks on Saturday

September 13, 2010 Blog

Lady Gaga Goes to the VMAs with Soldiers Discharged Under DADT

This was a nice symbolic gesture, I think: Four gay and lesbian soldiers chaperoned Lady Gaga into the MTV Video Music Awards earlier tonight in

September 13, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Nina Simone edition]

Slow news day, so let’s re-cap the week and then listen to music. The Log Cabin Republicans have defeated Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, at least

September 10, 2010 Blog

Robert Knight’s Melodramatic Reaction to DADT Judgment

Get this lady some smelling salts! Outrageous. Unbelievable. Our armed forces are fighting the enemy overseas while this lunatic judge behind our own lines decides

September 10, 2010 Blog
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