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GOProud to Incoming Anti-Gay Republicans: Please Don’t Hurt Us

As Joe Jervis said about this press release from GOProud, you just can’t make this stuff up: On behalf of limited government conservatives everywhere we

November 15, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Landslide edition]

No round-up this week, as it was a pretty mundane week on the wingnut front.  They seriously never say anything new.  Scroll and click on

November 12, 2010 Blog

Sad, Scared Nobody Rants on Radio Against Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns

This sniveling little pig ignorant bigot is named, um, let’s see…Chris Krok.  He is apparently on the radio somewhere, but hasn’t been able to build

November 12, 2010 Blog

Cindy McCain Lays Smack Down on Husband in Anti-Bullying NOH8 Video

Oh, hohohohoho, fun at the McCain house this Thanksgiving! Just watch: [h/t Wonkette

November 12, 2010 Blog

The New Out 100 Is Here

Click on the picture to see if your favorite Famous Gay-mos made the list this year!  Yes, that is Ricky Martin at the top of

November 12, 2010 Blog

Mormon Church Tinkering With What Is And Is Not A Sin, Re: Gayness

My favorite thing about when churches change their minds, even slightly, on the subject of church teachings or sin or whatever else, they always move

November 12, 2010 Blog

Defense Department Study: Over 70% of Troops See No Harm in Repealing DADT

Read it and weep at the loss of your comrades in bigotry, Elaine Donnelly, Tony Perkins, etc.: A Defense Department study group has found that

November 11, 2010 Blog

Cornpone Mississippi High School Football Coach Kicks Kid Off Team For Wearing Pink Cleats… (UPDATED)

…to raise breast cancer awareness. Because his grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. And men all over professional sports were doing similar things, including pink

November 11, 2010 Blog

‘You know what would honor veterans today? To treat soldiers like grown-ups.’

Please read The Rude Pundit’s comment on Veterans’ Day and DADT repeal in toto. That is all

November 11, 2010 Blog
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