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Best Piece on DADT Ever

By “best ever,” I mean “most unintentionally hilarious,” of course.  So this piece from Tucker Carlson’s Daily Choler is moving around the internet today.  It

November 23, 2010 Blog

Graeme Taylor on Ellen

In case you forgot already, Graeme Taylor is the extra cool kid who spoke up in defense of a teacher in a school board meeting,

November 22, 2010 Blog

Monday Funday Video: Lou Engle & Cindy Jacobs Praying In Tongues

Just normal stuff for weird religious cults and stuff. Kyle has more

November 22, 2010 Blog

One Version of ‘Christian Education’

Here’s a school in Texas where you can get all your kids’ Christian education needs met for free if you, like, have sex with the

November 22, 2010 Blog

The Hate Group in Action: AFA Radio on “Homosexual Special Rights” in Hospital Visitation

Why is the American Family Association designated as an anti-gay hate group by the SPLC? Here’s a good example of why. Note that they are

November 22, 2010 Blog

SPLC Designates American Family Association, Family Research Council, Illinois Family Institute As Hate Groups

The Southern Poverty Law Center today updated its list of designated hate groups, and this year is significant in that some of the larger anti-gay

November 22, 2010 Blog, Press Release

Navy Chief Praises DADT Survey, Isolating McCain Further

Will John McCain end up standing in a corner all alone with his bigotry?  It’s starting to look like it, unless he comes down with

November 22, 2010 Blog

Sending Our Love in Pam’s Direction…

I haven’t had the good fortune to meet Pam Spaulding in person yet [one-a these days…], but Jeremy Hooper pointed out that Pam’s having some

November 22, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Josh Groban edition]

Let’s remember this week together. […remembering…] Did you remember it too? Good! If you’ve missed stories this week, please use the scrolling scrolly thing to

November 19, 2010 Blog

Prime Minister David Cameron to UK’s Gay Teens: It Gets Better

Dan Savage’s campaign has hopped across the pond

November 19, 2010 Blog
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