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Frank Kameny 1925 – 2011

He gave us all wings&#

October 17, 2011 Blog

Flaunting It

This, from Sacramento California (apologies for the FOX News link)… Reaction to Midtown Attack on Gay Couple Witnesses say two men were holding hands as

September 21, 2011 Blog

Why We Fight

This, from Good Politics… Shut Out: Mississippi Hate Crime Shows the Mistreatment of Gay Widowers When a pack of white teenagers beat 48-year-old James Craig

September 20, 2011 Blog

Something Rotten In The State Of NOM…

Via Good As You. Orson Scott Card retells Hamlet.  Yes.  Seriously. Anyone who thinks they’ve witnessed the heights of bigotry, look…if you haven’t read any

September 08, 2011 Blog

When I Use A Word It Means Just What I Want You To Hate

I see from Jeremy at Good As You that NOM is doubling down on the Gay Rights = Pedophilia rhetoric. On the NOM Blog they’re

August 23, 2011 Blog

Next They’ll Be Blaming Darwin…

Via Alvin McEwen, I see this post over at Equality Matters… NOM President Claims Marriage Equality Will “Normalize Pedophilia” On August 18, the National Organization

August 19, 2011 Blog

My Kids Know I Love Them And The Vomit Inducing Cesspool That Is Their Lives

Le Dance Pathetique…as choreographed by Jerry Buell, Mount Dora High School’s Teacher of the Year… Un… Jerry Buell, a long-time Lake County social studies teacher,

August 18, 2011 Blog

The Pledge

The NOM pledge contains a clause committing its signers to establish if elected, a presidential commission to investigate the “harassment” of anti-same sex marriage supporters. 

August 08, 2011 Blog

The Bully’s Song

Toughness is not being a bully. It’s having backbone. -Robert Kiyosaki Mother Jones has an article up this morning on Kevin Jennings, former head of

August 01, 2011 Blog
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