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When You Told Me Change Was Possible I Didn’t Think You Meant In Wads Of Three Dollar Bills

Jim Burroway over at Box Turtle Bulletin catches a little bird tweeting… “You know a counterfeit is a counterfeit when the happiness and freedom it

July 24, 2010 Blog

We Could All Get Along If Only You People Would Hate Yourselves As Much As We Hate You

In the 1980s I worked briefly for a small catalog retailer. I won’t name them here and they went out of business long ago anyway.

May 12, 2010 Blog

How The Game Is Played…(continued)

This morning I find myself looking at some encouraging news on same-sex marriage in my home state of Maryland. First, there is this Washington Post

May 11, 2010 Blog

But…But…They Don’t Really LOVE…

A quote by newly out Christian musician Jennifer Knapp scrolled by my screen a few moments ago. I’m going to quote the entire passage from

April 19, 2010 Blog

How The Game Is Played…(continued)

Actually…I was expecting a bigger pushback then this… Obama’ Order on Hospital Visitation Doesn’t Change Much, But Pleases Homosexual Activists Nevertheless ( — President Barack

April 19, 2010 Blog

Say…Haven’t We All Been Here Before…?

Via Evan and Pandagon…here’s a wee Google news search… “They had fooled us…I remember going home that night in tears…I sat on the sofa in

April 06, 2010 Blog

Family Values Apparently Also Means Making Fun Of The Handicapped Too…

That Constance McMillen was tricked into going to a fake prom by her classmates, their parents, and almost certainly the school administration, is heartbreaking, but

April 05, 2010 Blog

Gay People: Serving As Your Handy Scapegoat For Fear And Shame For Generations

So I’m reading an article in today’s LA Times that tells me California has a law on its books, requiring health experts to find a

April 04, 2010 Blog

How The Game Is Played…

So the various townships in New Hampshire have mostly voted against a warrant article calling for the statehouse to allow a vote on same-sex marriage.

March 18, 2010 Blog

NOM Says It’s Courageous to Remind Everyone That the Bible Makes Us Put Homosexuals To Death

In case you had any doubts about that open sewer that is the moral consciousness of Maggie Gallagher and the jolly gang over at NOM…

February 25, 2010 Blog
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