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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Gay Sex Spree by ‘Ex-Gay’ Freedom March Founder Leads TWO to Call on Fraudulent Group to Shut Down

Hypocrite Con Artist Jeffrey McCall Admits to Multiple hookups, Yet Still Running Failed Program and Hawking Book

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Truth Wins Out condemned Freedom March founder Jeffrey McCall today as a hypocritical fraud after he admitted online to multiple hookups and romantic attachments with men, even as he continues to shamelessly lead “Freedom March” parades of so-called “ex-gays”. Given the tawdry revelations, Truth Wins Out calls on the Freedom March to permanently shut down and stop conning people into believing that they can “pray away the gay.”

“Jeffrey McCall is a self-serving con artist who runs a fraudulent organization that preys on vulnerable and desperate LGBTQ people who grow up in religious homes,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “If McCall had an ounce of integrity he’d apologize for his rank hypocrisy and shut down his odious Freedom March racket before it ruins more lives. McCall’s own actions prove that he has no ability to ‘help’ anyone, starting with himself.”

In an online post to his cult followers, McCall wrote (The typos are his):

In 2020 I met someone that I was trying to help (I was helping in other ways he didn’t deal with SSA) which lead to me being unfaithful to Jesus and giving my heart away. After denying what I wanted with him I then went on to fall sexually with a man when I felt wounded and lonely. This lead to multiple falls with men over time. (None of these men were Christians or people from ministry) Everytime I fell I would truly repent and turn away again. I would feel Gods love, mercy, and forgiveness sometimes before I could even finish the prayer. 

Despite his repeated failures in practicing what he preaches, McCall’s organization hosted a Freedom March this November in West Palm Beach, Florida. On the group’s Facebook Page, McCall is shamelessly peddling his book, For Such A Time: From Transgender to a Son of God

McCall’s dishonesty is nothing new for those who have monitored his career. Following the 2019 Freedom March in Washington, DC, McCall attempted to bamboozle his own donors, Tweeting:

“Hey brothers and sisters this weekend was so amazing! The Lord has just these past minutes directed me to stay in this city for 7 days. I am not to leave. I need to raise funds for hotel and needs for a week. I think one of the things is getting my testimony out to senators and representatives! And of course hitting those individuals he send [sic.] me to! Please help me do my work here in DC! PayPal:____ OR you can give directly to me in Messenger.”

It seems the Good Lord forgot to tell McCall that Congress was out of session that week, so there were no representatives or senators in town to visit. Or, perhaps, McCall is just a grifter trying to get his donors to pay for a weeklong vacation in the nation’s capital? It’s a lovely city with much to see, so who could blame the “ex-gay” activist for succumbing to such temptation?

“It seems that the real message of the Freedom March is that copious amounts of closeted gay sex is okay, as you feel bad about it and pray after each encounter,” added Besen. “This is a tragic, pathological, toxic group that spews dangerous lies into our society. The Freedom March has been exposed as a false front and the only respectable outcome from McCall’s revolting revelation is for these dishonest events to end.”

Truth Wins Out attended the 2021 Freedom March in Washington, DC, along with conversion therapy survivor Jared Dixon. Our efforts to counter Freedom March lies can be viewed in our new video, Jared Goes to Washington, which already has over 15,000 views.

Jeffrey McCall was interviewed on Rev. Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. CBN reported that McCall:

..struggled with homosexuality and drugs until the age of 23 when he decided he was in the wrong body and began living as a woman named Scarlett. As Scarlett, he began drinking heavily and prostituting his body.

“…So, from 18 to 23, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee.  And in those years, my whole identity was in being homosexual… I just partied and would shop, and that was my life, shopping, partying, and whoever was my boyfriend at the time. I was addicted to drugs. I was taking a ton of Xanax and smoking crystal meth.”

It seems that McCall’s reckless life hasn’t changed much from the old days. The main difference is that his new drug is the money he rips off from gullible Christians that believe his “freedom” schtick.

Truth Wins Out educates the world on the harm caused by destructive “ex-gay” conversion programs, while fighting to eliminate anti-LGBTQ prejudice and discrimination. We believe that genuine freedom and contentment derive from authenticity and living one’s truth.

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