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The Moral High Ground: We Have It, So Let’s Act Like It

Over the past week or so, I and several of my friends have been in situations where we’ve been confronted by Christian protesters with big,

May 31, 2012 Blog

Truth Wins Out Celebrates Ruling in Favor of Marriage Equality

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE History and Momentum are on Our Side, Says TWO Burlington, VT – Truth Wins Out celebrated a United States Court of Appeals

May 31, 2012 Blog, Press Release

Kansas Pastor Defends Call For Government To Kill Gays

He wasn’t misspeaking, and he didn’t let his emotions get the best of him. No, Pastor Curtis Knapp of the New Hope Baptist Church in

May 31, 2012 Blog

Bill Banning Reparative Therapy for Minors Clears California Senate

Great news from Equality California! California Senate Approves Equality California-Backed Bill to Ban Sexual Orientation Conversion Efforts for Minors (San Francisco) The California State Senate

May 30, 2012 Blog

Scream, One Million Moms, Scream! JC Penney Has Done It Again!

Dear One Million Moms, this is your cue to SCREAM! First it was that homosexual lesbian pervert Ellen DeGeneres, AKA the most beloved celebrity in

May 30, 2012 Blog

Illinois Hate Group Upset About Marriage Equality Lawsuits

Something that’s very strange about the Religious Right, hate groups in particular, is how, even when they’re not lying, they report everything just breathlessly, as if

May 30, 2012 Blog

Young Bigot Being Persecuted By Mean YouTube

You guys! This girl, like, can’t stand the gays and stuff and she thinks it’s, like, so silly that President Obama supposedly changed his mind

May 30, 2012 Blog

Dan Savage On The Four Year-Old Singing “Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven”

Late yesterday I posted a chilling video of a four year-old singing a song in church called “Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven,”

May 30, 2012 Blog

In Exclusive Video, Dr. Robert Spitzer Demands that Anti-Gay Organizations Stop Citing His Notorious ‘Ex-Gay’ Study

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In Exclusive Video, Dr. Robert Spitzer Demands that Anti-Gay Organizations Stop Citing His Notorious ‘Ex-Gay’ Study Spitzer Renounces Controversial Study and Apologizes

May 30, 2012 Press Release

Good As You’s Jeremy Hooper to Release His First Book

This just landed in my e-mail. Congratulations to Jeremy! NEW YORK – If It’s a Choice, My Zygote Chose Balls: Making Sense of Senseless Controversy(ISBN: 0615574548),

May 30, 2012 Blog
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