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Maryland Cardinal Mandates Marriage Discrimination Letter Be Read Aloud at Mass

Is it just me, or are these news items becoming a daily occurrence? Here’s the latest, courtesy of Joe.My.God: the office of Baltimore Cardinal Edwin

April 27, 2012 Blog

Special Report: Mike Bickle’s IHOP To Screen Video Starring “Kill The Gays Bill” Co-Author Julius Oyet

By Bruce Wilson (Cross Posted Talk2Action) For many young Americans, the Westboro Baptist Church has become the face of extreme antigay hatred from the religious

April 27, 2012 Blog

Never Taken A Stroll Through The Garden Of Heterosexuality Have You Hon…

Via Joe. My God., I see someone is having conniptions visualizing gay sex… “Permit me to clarify the definition. Sodomy is one MAN inserting his

April 27, 2012 Blog

While In Kansas, I Stopped By Westboro Baptist Church

Well, I finally made it to Westboro Baptist Church. I was driving through Topeka, so I figured I’d stop there and snap a photo. This

April 27, 2012 Blog

Taking On The Lies of Holocaust Revisionist Scott Lively in Oklahoma City

Yesterday, Scott Hamilton of the Cimarron Alliance did a terrific job hosting a press conference in Oklahoma City with national implications. We were speaking out

April 27, 2012 Blog

Baptist Schoolteachers Who Can’t Support Kids With AIDS

Hey, everybody. I’m about to tell you a story which is purely anecdotal. I want that understood, because there will be no links provided, and

April 27, 2012 Blog

Rachel Maddow Gives ‘Kudos and Thanks’ to TWO

Last night’s episode of the Rachel Maddow Show featured a segment in which Maddow discussed the implications of Dr. Robert Spitzer’s historic retraction of and apology for his

April 27, 2012 Blog

Mississippi Governor Claims Liberals’ “One Mission In Life Is To Abort Children”

Such are the yokels who get elected to public office in places like Mississippi: Days after he signed a law that would effectively shut down

April 26, 2012 Blog

Dr. Robert Spitzer Apologizes to Gay Community in Unprecedented Letter to Scientific Journal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, April 26, 2012 Contact: Wayne Besen, Executive Director Phone: 917-691-5118 E-mail:   Dr. Robert Spitzer Apologizes to Gay Community in Unprecedented Letter to

April 26, 2012 News, Press Release

It Gets Better: Members of the Mormon Church

This is obviously Not Sponsored By The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but it’s really nice to be reminded that, even within the

April 26, 2012 Blog
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