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The Onion Tackles NOM’s Race-Baiting

Ooh, nice job Onion staff

March 29, 2012 Blog

Bill O’Reilly Gets a Reality Check on Ben & Jerry’s, Marriage Equality

Bill O’Reilly, the darling of the Fox News Channel, took a minute on his top-rated political commentary show last week to slam Vermont’s own legendary

March 29, 2012 Blog, Opinion

The Advocate Smacks Down Carson Daily Over Tasteless Gay Joke

On Tuesday, host Carson Daly made a tasteless gay joke on his morning radio show “The Voice” during a discussion about the midair meltdown of

March 29, 2012 Blog

John Boehner Appoints Anti-LGBT Extremist to Religious Liberty Commission

Last week, Republican U.S. House Speaker John Boehner appointed Dr. Robert George — co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the National Organization for Marriage — to the

March 29, 2012 Blog

Big Business Sours On GOP As Extremists Take Charge of Economy

The New York Times had a revealing article that stated: “Big business groups like the Chamber of Commerce spent millions of dollars in 2010 to

March 29, 2012 Blog

Rick Santorum Will Prevent Gayness By Disallowing Child From Using Pink Bowling Ball

Here’s a glimpse of what we could expect if somehow all other candidates were rendered incapacitated and Rick Santorum managed to win the White House:

March 28, 2012 Blog

Anti-Gay Wingnut Says Vile, Hateful Thing About Gays

What a surprising headline. Here is David Barton, the amazingly revisionist “historian,” explaining that every time there was a Christian revival in the Bible, it

March 28, 2012 Blog

Fiona Apple’s Letter To A High School Fan Starting a GSA

This is actually from 2000, when Fiona Apple was but twenty-two, but Queerty published it today. A high school fan wrote her a letter asking

March 28, 2012 Blog

TWO Calls Appointment of Robert George to Religious Commission a Farce

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Contact: Wayne Besen, Executive Director Phone: 917-691-5118 Email: TWO Calls Appointment of Robert George to Religious Commission

March 28, 2012 News, Press Release

So There Is A Contemporary Christian Version Of That Cee-Lo Green Song…

You know the one. Dan Savage, why did you inflict this on us? Posting it here in hopes that that will somehow release it from

March 28, 2012 Blog
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