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Shout-Out to Mr. Gay Namibia

Congratulations to personal financial consultant Wendelinus Linus Hamutenya, who was just crowned Mr. Gay Namibia. Namibia is not the ideal place to be gay, but

November 29, 2011 Blog

Update on Anti-Gay Law in Russia

The U.S. State Department is “deeply concerned” about Russia’s proposed legislation, which would make it a crime to publicly “promote” LGBT issues, and which equates

November 29, 2011 Blog

Lesbian Marriage Equality Advocate Ascends to Vermont Supreme Court

This morning, I blearily padded outside to retrieve today’s Burlington Free Press and was greeted by the best front-page news I’ve seen in at least

November 29, 2011 Blog

Homophobia: A Mark of Loser Nations

(Weekly Column) I knew Russia was likely to embrace homophobia the moment I read that approximately 1.25 million Russians have emigrated from the nation in

November 29, 2011 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

Out Ugandan Gay Man Talks About Life Before the Evangelicals Came

The Root, the Washington Post’s African-American news website, recently interviewed Frank Mugisha, a gay activist in Uganda. He describes what it’s like to be gay

November 28, 2011 Blog

Archie Comic: Gay Character Weds

Yay!!! [h/t Joe.My.God

November 28, 2011 Blog

New Herman Cain Accuser Alleges 13-Year Affair; Cain Campaign Responds: Stay Out Of His Bedroom

Another woman has emerged accusing Herman Cain of sexual misconduct. This time, though, Cain stands accused of a thirteen-year-long consensual affair by a Georgia businesswoman.

November 28, 2011 Blog

Vintage Explanation of Gays Is Hilarious

Rob Tisinai highlighted an amazing passage from the 1969 book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) by David

November 28, 2011 Blog

Why I’ll Miss Barney Frank

In addition to being a tireless advocate for his constituents and the American LGBT community, Rep. Barney Frank is well known for telling things like

November 28, 2011 Blog
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