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Weekend Random Ten [Nirvana edition]

Well, well, well, it’s music time, and I used last week’s Random Ten to promote a band called Those Darlins, so I didn’t have a

September 30, 2011 Blog

Trans People In France to Protest Forced Sterilization Rule

I wouldn’t have believed it possible, but, according to activists, transsexuals in France often must undergo sterilization surgery to legally change their civil status. Though

September 30, 2011 Blog

“Ex-Gay” Conference Is Den of Gay Sexytime Requests

This post from Seth Bracken about an “ex-gay” conference put on by Evergreen International in Utah is hilarious and tragic. Seth visited the conference to

September 30, 2011 Blog

Purported “Ex-Gay” Bullies Child Post Mortem

This screed from supposed “ex-gay” and anti-gay crusader D.L. Foster, about the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, has to be seen to be believed. It’s been

September 30, 2011 Blog

Ann Coulter and Chris Barron Respectfully Disagree On Whether Barron Deserves Equality, Respect

But it’s okay, you guys, because gay wingnuts aren’t like those whiny liberal gays who think the rights laid out in the Constitution apply to

September 29, 2011 Blog

Sweet Transvestite Is Better Anti-Gay Preacher Than Anti-Gay Preacher

This is entertaining. Faced with a bigoted campus preacher, a drag queen who appears to be ready for Rocky Horror Picture Show decided to just

September 29, 2011 Blog

Jacksonville City Councilor Kimberly Daniels and Her Anti-Gay Word Salad

When Truth Wins Out sounded the alarm on Kimberly Daniels, the anti-Semitic “demon-buster” who ran for and won a seat on the Jacksonville, Florida, city

September 29, 2011 Blog, Press Release

‘Ex-Gay’ Lies To Be Challenged By Author and Activist Wayne Besen at Oregon State University

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Wayne Besen E-Mail: Architect of Sting Operation Proving Marcus Bachmann Practices ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy to Discuss the Harm Caused by ‘Pray Away

September 28, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Allegedly Straight [Refer to 70’s Porn-Stache] Jew for Jesus Tries To Redefine Christianity

Michael Brown, hatemonger and busybody extraordinaire, who recently invaded Charlotte Pride with his red-shirted horde of bigots [slogan: “Free water! God hates fags!”] in order

September 28, 2011 Blog, Opinion

Religious Right Yammering On ‘Sanctity of Marriage’ Annoys Straight People Too

Thers has a little piece up that I meant to link to the other day, commenting on some Clown Hall piece on the decline of

September 28, 2011 Blog
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