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Campus Crusade for Christ Changes Its Name

From BeliefNet: Campus Crusade for Christ has decided to make a major change — its name. In early 2012, reports the Internet website The Blaze, the

July 21, 2011 Blog

Are Christians ‘Haters’? Some of ‘Em!

An article in the Christian Post today is doing that thing that fundamentalists all do, all the time, annoying non-Christian writers like me and deeply

July 20, 2011 Blog, Opinion

Al Franken Calls Tom Minnery Out for Focus on the Family’s Dishonesty

I mentioned a few minutes ago that Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family admitted in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on DOMA this morning

July 20, 2011 Blog, Press Release

It Gets Better: Stephen Colbert

This is great. [h/t Michael

July 20, 2011 Blog

Focus’s Tom Minnery Admits Children of Same-Sex Couples Disadvantaged

But not for the made-up reasons the Religious Right likes to use as talking points.  No, Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family testified before

July 20, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Hey, Did You Hear Michele Bachmann [Allegedly] Gets Headaches Sometimes?!?! Tucker Carlson’s Website Says!

[Strap in, y’all, as I am about to defend Michele Bachmann…to a point.  And Wayne and I seem to be of two minds on the

July 19, 2011 Blog, Opinion

Bachmann: High-Heel Shoes Cause My Migraines

Michele Bachmann has been a huge headache for the LGBT community — but it is nothing compared  to the migraines she suffers which were described

July 19, 2011 Blog

Vermont Inn Sued For Anti-Gay Bigotry

Weekly Column The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Vermont filed a lawsuit against a Lyndonville, Vermont resort that refused to host a

July 19, 2011 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

Romantic: Same-Sex Couples To Wed At Niagara Falls, NY

Thirty-one same-sex couples have signed on to participate in what representatives from the Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp. believe will be the first group ceremony

July 19, 2011 Blog

A Highly Appropriate Response to Anti-Gay Bigotry and Misogyny

Some wingnut blog called Wizbang sees our investigation of Marcus Bachmann’s clinic as much ado about nothing, as the writer obviously has bought into anti-science

July 18, 2011 Blog
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