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The Bigots Are Accelerating Their Own Losses

One line from Amanda Marcotte’s piece this morning on the New York marriage win, and its concomitant right wing hysteria, grabbed me: There are 44

June 30, 2011 Blog, Opinion

Marcus Bachmann: Gays Are Barbarians to be Tamed

This is Michele’s husband Marcus. He is a Christian therapist in Minnesota. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video From

June 30, 2011 Blog

‘If Homosexuality is a Choice, Choose Me!’

This is a great long-ish segment from the new Countdown with Keith Olbermann, where he and Dan Savage talk about everything from The Book of

June 30, 2011 Blog

Help us Reach 20,000 Online Signatures to Fight ‘Gay Cure’ Therapy In Hong Kong

Last week, Lt. Dan Choi and Truth Wins Out launched an online petition on to end Hong Kong’s sponsorship of “ex-gay therapy.” In the

June 30, 2011 Blog

More Than 17,500 Rally Online To Fight ‘Gay Cure’ Therapy In Hong Kong

Campaign led by Dan Choi and Truth Wins Out to end Hong Kong’s sponsorship of “ex-gay therapy” gathers thousands of supporters over 48 hours; Organization

June 30, 2011 Press Release

Obama and Marriage Equality: Why I’m Just Not All That Worked Up

This morning, like many of our readers, I watched Obama’s press conference, where he said this about marriage equality, New York, and the general state

June 29, 2011 Blog, Opinion

Maggie Gallagher: Stick to Your Guns and Heed Jeremy Hooper’s Advice

Jeremy just had a novel idea for Maggie Gallagher, who is on the whine-trail this week about marriage supposedly being destroyed, redefined, being taken over

June 29, 2011 Blog

It Gets Better: Thirteen Senate Democrats

This one brought a little tear to my eye.  Sad that not one Republican could be bothered to care about our kids, but not unexpected.

June 29, 2011 Blog

Reasonable Persons Of Goodwill Do Not Cut Their Neighbor’s Ring Fingers Off

Robert P. George, Super Genius, shares a complaint with K-Lo… So people are calling you “intolerant” and an “anti-civil-rights bigot”? Well, for those who have

June 29, 2011 Blog

NOM’s Desperate Plan to Kill Marriage Equality In New York

Well, the whole gay internet is making fun of this, and I try never to miss an opportunity to mock a wingnut, so here is

June 29, 2011 Blog, News
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