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Gay Conservatives Are Weird, Vol. 155,697

I haven’t had anything to say about the non-scandal that is “Wiener-gate.”  [Ugh, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, A. It involves Andrew

May 31, 2011 Blog

Whiny Wingnut Whines That Television is a Liberal Conspiracy

Conservatives can never accept the simple explanation for anything.  For instance, they don’t tend to do well with the reality that television is geared toward

May 31, 2011 Blog

Two Easy Steps To Becoming a Conservative by David Mamet

The New York Times magazine had an interesting interview with playwright David Mamet, who explained his “intellectual” shift to the far right. Here is how

May 31, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Dear Old Navy: Gays Live In All Fifty States, You Know [UPDATED]

The other day, I posted a story about Old Navy taking a bold step in creating a t-shirt to be sold in their stores celebrating

May 31, 2011 Blog

Refuting NOM’s Lies One By One

Alvin McEwen and Jeremy Hooper have done the hard work in going line by line through NOM’s list of talking points, riddled as they are

May 31, 2011 Blog

Elaine Donnelly, Wrong About Everything In Life, Again

It makes me happy when Elaine Donnelly opens her mouth. Out of all the Religious Bigot Activists, she is one of the most consistently stupid,

May 30, 2011 Blog

What Happened When Westboro Baptist Decided To Protest in Joplin, Missouri?

Westboro Baptist decided to protest at a large memorial for all the victims of the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, at which President Obama was in

May 30, 2011 Blog

The ABC “What Would You Do?” Segment Everybody’s Talking About

Well, this made your blogger cry some good, healthy tears.  ABC’s “What Would You Do?” placed actors pretending to be gay couples with children dining

May 29, 2011 Blog

Haha, Wayne, ChristWire Called You A ‘Bear’

You heard it here first! Wayne Besen, according to the satirical website in a longer piece about a gay civil war I was not

May 29, 2011 Blog

Some Weekend Music [Riot Poof edition]

It’s the end of the day on Friday, and I’m still working on a long, fun piece on the 2012 clown car GOP presidential contenders,

May 27, 2011 Blog
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