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Taking Anti-Trans Fearmongering To A New Level

This is an actual ad being run by the Family Action Countil of Tennessee (“FACT” [sic]), in support of a big government bill [because social

March 31, 2011 Blog

You Know, Maybe Fundamentalists Should Stay Away from the Counseling Profession

It’s not like they’re known for helping people anyway.  Look, it’s another faux martyr: A woman who worked as a counselor for the Centers for

March 31, 2011 Blog

Bigot Blames Deity For Personal Failings

The other day failed Allstate employee Matt Barber took to the radio to explain that gay teens kill themselves because they know they’re immoral.  It

March 31, 2011 Blog

Wow – Vermont Sure Is Pretty! That’s Why We Moved Here!

Not far from Truth Wins Out’s international headquarters!

March 31, 2011 Blog

Harvard Vows Hate Conference Speakers Will Whitewash Views

According to an article in today’s Harvard Crimson, speakers at the controversial “social transformation” conference have promised to whitewash their extremist views. Organizers, who declined

March 31, 2011 Blog, Press Release

State of Washington Will Now Recognize Your Out of State Marriage

As a domestic partnership.  It’s a bit confusing, but here’s what happened, and I’ll try to clarify below: Washington would recognize domestic partnerships from other

March 31, 2011 Blog

Anti-Gay Wingnuts Also Misogynistic, Racist

Water still wet. Angry Black Lady over at Balloon Juice points us to what the Misogynistic Racist Anti-Gay movement [they use the term “pro-family”] has

March 31, 2011 Blog

Why We Won’t Be Attending Porno Pete Camp

Last summer, Truth Wins Out flew an undercover agent to the Chicago exurbs to infiltrate Porno Pete LaBarbera’s incipient “Truth Academy”. Despite heavy promotion in

March 31, 2011 Blog

Tweeting the Harm of the ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry

Ever since our successful petition to have Exodus International’s iPhone app deleted from the app store, untold numbers have had a chance to learn about

March 31, 2011 Blog

Are YOU Crying For America?

You’re about to be. [h/t Tengrain

March 31, 2011 Blog
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