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Singing Flash Mob Sends Target a Message

I appreciate this recent Target protest for two reasons: 1. They wrote a song and flash mobbed the place. That’s fun for the whole family.

August 16, 2010 Blog

Mexican Supreme Court Votes 9-2 for Adoption Rights for Gay Couples

They just continue to show us up. Having just ruled that marriages performed in Mexico City be recognized throughout the nation, the Supreme Court upheld,

August 16, 2010 Blog

POZ Magazine Explores Ex-Gay Exploitation of AIDS

POZ Magazine has a cover story dealing with how “ex-gay” organizations exploit fears of HIV and AIDS to recruit new members. Interestingly, in the story,

August 16, 2010 Blog, Press Release

Images From A Sideshow Running Away With The Circus…

Here’s some of the shots I took at the NOM rally in front of the Capital yesterday… They held the rally in front of the

August 16, 2010 Blog

Quick Quick Initial Impressions From The NOM Rally On Capital Hill Today…

I was there in my capacity as photographer for Baltimore OUTLoud (I’m also their political cartoonist too.  When you’re a small community newspaper you work

August 15, 2010 Blog

Frank Rich on the Prop 8 Trial

These two paragraphs from Rich’s latest column really sort of sum up what happened in the Prop 8 trial. You should read the whole thing,

August 15, 2010 Blog

Fathers to Be: Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Oy, this might be cute overload… About thirty minutes ago, Neil Patrick Harris tweeted: So, get this: David and I are expecting twins this fall.

August 14, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Soul Miner’s Daughter Edition]

Wow, big week! Peter LaBarbera’s “Truth” Camp was a flaming failure, but Greg Quinlan wasn’t a limp-wristed flaming faggot, in case you didn’t know. Randy

August 13, 2010 Blog

Republican Politician Who Hired Rent Boy Quack Haunted By Decision

One day after stating that gay people should be banned from foster parenting, Florida Attorney General and GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum tried to back

August 13, 2010 Blog

Dr. Laura In Trouble Again For Bigotry

As TWO’s Evan Hurst likes to point out, it is rare when wing nuts only hate one group. Most often, they have a whole slew

August 13, 2010 Blog
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