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Tuesday Night Fun Video: ‘Betwixt the Music: Jewel and Sarah Palin’

They were in a band, you see, until things went off the rails and Sarah started stealing from Jewel

August 31, 2010 Blog

To Win, Democrats Must Define, Defend, and Dumb Down

Weekly Column This weekend, I attended an event on Fire Island that featured Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand (who was quite lovely and engaging). Interestingly, a few donors

August 31, 2010 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

And You Thought This Was About Marriage

NOM is very concerned about what is happening in New Zealand. No…not same-sex marriage… “An earthquake is beginning: If ‘gay is like black,’ then ‘Christian

August 31, 2010 Blog

Stanford Study: Children of Both Gay and Straight Couples Perform Equally In School

Add this one to the pile of studies that confirms what we on the side of fairness, equality and love have been saying forever:  Kids

August 31, 2010 Blog

Australian Pastor: Same Sex Parenting Will Lead to More Abortions

The thesis here, promulgated by Australian pastor Fred Nile, seems to be that pregnant women will be more likely to just have lots of abortions,

August 31, 2010 Blog

Castro Takes Responsibility for Past Persecution of Cuban LGBT People

This is not an invitation to get into The Cuba Discussion, but it is good when any world leader looks back on a nation’s past

August 31, 2010 Blog

Focus on the Family Still Considers George Rekers an ‘Expert’

As we found out earlier this year, the only thing George Rekers is really “good at” is hiring male escorts to “lift his luggage” on

August 31, 2010 Blog

Gay Canadian Farmers Unite

So, this exists: Gay farmers in Canada have come out–and banded together in a social club where they can talk about crops and the weather,

August 31, 2010 Blog

Six Ways Religious Frauds Try to Make Gays and Lesbians Straight

Ted Cox wrote a very good article at AlterNet exploring the bizarre world of “ex-gay” therapy. According to Cox, “Thanks to the unscientific, unregulated underworld

August 31, 2010 Blog

Video and Snarky Comment on Lazy Tea Baggers

From Lady Liberty’s Lamp: The LLL/Town Hell Posse could only be amazed at the high number of unhealthy, unhappy and aggressive people who turned out

August 31, 2010 Blog
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