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Countering Exodus In Irvine — The LGBT Affirmation Conference

Please join me, Exodus co-founder Michael Bussee, Box Turtle Bulletin’s Jim Burroway and many more of your favorite advocates who hold “ex-gay” groups accountable for

June 03, 2010 Blog

RIP Rue McClanahan

Second emoticon of the week, as we say goodbye to Rue McClanahan: :-( Jeremy posted this clip, so I figured I’d stick it up over

June 03, 2010 Blog

Responding to Gay McDonald’s Ad, Bill O’Reilly Asks If There’s Also One for al Qaeda

Because those are just the same, Bill. What’s sad is that the average pork-rind-stained viewer of Fox News probably didn’t notice anything wrong with O’Reilly’s

June 03, 2010 Blog

Take Back Pride

This year, in light of the major battles we have ahead of us, we are asking for all of you to join us in taking

June 02, 2010 Blog

New Study: Gaydar Exists

“Gaydar,” that innate ability gay people supposedly have to zero in on other gays even in a crowd, may really exist. When Dutch scientists examined

June 02, 2010 Blog

Quote of the Yesterday: P.Z. Myers

P.Z. Myers, reacting to Tony Perkins’ latest caterwauling about DADT repeal (something about how the military will be “forced” to abandon religious myths about people

June 02, 2010 Blog

Newsweek: New Research Helps Explain Hypocrisy

Read Full Article In Newsweek Could the seemingly inexhaustible supply of high-profile hypocrites reflect the fact that the media cover the George Rekers of the

June 02, 2010 Blog

Ex-Gay, No Way

In his new book, Jallen Rix tells of his journey through the ex-gay industry. San Diego’s Bottomline talked with Dr. Rix about his new book.

June 02, 2010 Blog

This Is The Quality Of Our Opposition [Your Morning Wingnut]

Drinking coffee, listening to Trent Reznor’s new EP on my iPod, looking for anti-gay wingnuts to write about, and then I find paydirt. Vanessa Woods

June 02, 2010 Blog

Anti-Gay Bigotry Is A Trick To Deceive The Na?Øve

(Weekly Column) Picture: Me lifting my own luggage at Miami International Airport It was once a speculative clich?© to say that rabidly anti-gay individuals were

June 02, 2010 Blog, Opinion
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